Veteran choreographer Saroj Khan found herself in trouble after she made a recent (ignorant) statement on casting couch in the film industry. When she was asked to comment on south Indian actress Sri Reddy’s protest against the practice in Telangana, Saroj Khan, speaking on a TV channel, said that blaming the film industry for it is unfair, further adding that ‘at least it provides livelihood and doesn’t abandon after rape. The 69-year-old’s bizarre justification of prevailing casting couch situation in the industry has come under severe backlash from celebrities from B-Town.

Musician turned actress Sophie Choudry, who may not have had too many Bollywood commitments in a while but definitely is one of the renowned social butterfly of B-town, took to her micro-blogging site to hit back at Saroj Khan for shaming the victims of casting couch. She tweeted, “WTH?!!!! So much respect for Saroj-ji as a choreographer but this is how she uses her position to protect girls?!!! If I didn’t come from a financially sound background I would have returned to London within a month of being in mumbai cos of “industry folk” who think like that!!”

The actress further wrote, “Can’t begin to think what thousands of girls go through in the hope that their “dreams” will come true! Nobody wants to sleep with someone for work. But they are made to feel it’s the only way & “acceptable”. And for those who don’t, it’s a tough road! This has to stop! #TimesUp”

Check out Sophie Choudry’s tweets on Saroj Khan’s remark on casting couch here:

Defending casting couch in the film industry, Saroj had said, “Should I say something? this is going on from ‘baba Adam’s times’, it is not new. Someone or the other always try to take an advantage of a girl. The government does it too, then why are we only behind the film industry? It provides livelihood at least. Does not rape and leave you. It is up to the girl, what she wants to do.” ALSO READ: Saroj Khan Defends Casting Couch In Bollywood With A Bizarre Justification; Apologises Soon After

She further added, “If you don’t want to fall into wrong hands, you won’t. If you have art, why would you sell yourself? Don’t take the film industry’s name, it is everything to us.” However, the celebrated choreographer apologised soon after; she said ‘sorry’ for having made the comment. But unfortunately, the damage has been done already! Watch this space for further updates.