Splitsvilla is one of the most popular dating reality shows on Hindi television. The new season of the show, which is being aired on MTV India, has got its famous hosts back. Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singha are here to anchor the show and give some love/ dating tips to the contestants.

In an interview with The Indian Express recently, Sunny gave away some exciting deets about the show and how she’s just loving her time working on it. While she answered many questions about the contestants and her experience so far, one of her statements just stood out. Sunny was asked about whether somebody on the show has tried to flirt with her or not.

Sunny Leone Rannvijay Singha Splitsvilla 11

Sunny, being the ever-so-jovial person that she is, shared that she was hit on by a female contestant on the show from the current season itself. She laughed about the incident and refused to mention the name of the participant. She revealed, “Oh my gosh, it happened this season. I don’t want to name that person but I really got some major vibes. It happened on the first day, and I was like is this really happening. I swear, it was quite a shocker”.

However, when she told the same to Rannvijay, he expressed how careful and protective he remains on the sets whenever Sunny is around. He said, “We must confess here, that it was a girl. When I am around, no one would dare cross their lines, with any girl, especially Sunny. I am generally watching over the boys throughout. But this time, it was a girl and it was quite unexpected. I think she has been in awe of Sunny all her life. When she finally saw her for the first time, she just couldn’t control herself. It was more of a sub-conscious act”.

Splitsvilla 11 has got an interesting lineup of contestants. Both the celebrities and the commoners are part of the show.