Kannada film actor Sruthi Hariharan had accused co-actor Arjun Sarja of sexually harassing her back in 2016, on the sets of their film, Vismaya. The female actor had written a post against Arjun explaining the incident on Twitter a few days back. However, her post received many negative reactions from people. Now, Sruthi has written another post clarifying her stance on the issue and why she doesn’t fear anybody who chooses to disbelieve her.

In her post, she has given a six-point clarification, addressing all the curious questions of the naysayers. Her post reads, “When a story is misrepresented and distorted to many people’s convenience the truth is lost. If you ask me the only two people who actually know the whole truth in this incident is Mr Arjun Sarja and me. It is my word against his. Now let’s take a step back and get a few facts clear:

1. I decided to come out on my own free will. Unlike many of you respected members of the film industry say/assume, there is no one behind me who pushed/made me do so. Making it crystal clear: Neither is Mr Chetan or Mr Prakash Rai sir, Mrs Kavitha Lankesg ma’am or anyone else “making me” come out. They and others stand in solidarity with me, and I am very grateful to each one of them.

2. I have been very clear of what I am accusing Mr Arjun Sarja of in my statement (find on social media), and if he does file a defamation against me, I am very well equipped to fight the case in the court of law.

3. I need not present to any of you, any form of evidence, and you can definitely choose to believe who you want to. If and when this goes to court, I shall submit all my evidences there and the legal system shall serve justice the way it deems fit.

4. The continuous threats I am receiving from their fan clubs, the memes and some of those one sided, insensitive, regressive articles on electronic media; I know my truth. You do what you want to, and I shall do what I have to. Have fun!

5. To Mr Muniratna, Mr Chinnegowdru, Mr Sa Ra Govindu, and other seniors at the Karnataka Film Chamber, one of the roles by the position you hold with the KFCC is to protect artiste rights and solve issues logically and practically. You have a responsibility to make sure the film industry is a safe, conducive working environment for men and women. But with stories of harassment expressed in anonymous women – isn’t it obvious that the film industry does have safety issues? Instead, here you are character assassinating us on some regional media channels, and being undignified and misogynistic about it. I am appalled.

6. Whatever, whoever says, I stand my ground and will always be there fighting for what I think is right. It will be long drawn tiring battle – an I am prepared for it.

Have a fantastic day y’all” (sic)

Earlier, claiming that Arjun tried to feel her back and dragged her without consent during the rehearsal for one of the songs in the film, Sruthi had written a detailed post on Facebook. Her post has been considered as the beginning of #MeToo movement in the Kannada Film industry. However, no action has yet been taken in the matter.