The confirmation on Tara Sutaria joining the new batch of Student Of The Year 2 has finally come today. But before Karan Johar made the announcement, the actress was already in the buzz since there were speculations around her making her Bollywood debut with Dharma and because there were rumours of her dating late actor Vinod Mehra’s son Rohan Mehra. The actor too is making his Bollywood debut this year with Saif Ali KhanChitrangada Singh starrer Baazaar and the two young kids will be in news regularly for their affair we feel.

Well, the rumours and guesses will turn into confirmation if you look closely at the Instagram posts and captions of both Tara and Rohan. They click pictures of each other, take vacations together, he attends all her concerts, she drools over his magazine photoshoots, they have nicknames for one another and more… now, aren’t these things that couples usually do? Don’t believe us still? We have scoured through Tara Sutaria and Rohan Mehra’s Insta posts to bring you the choicest pictures and one’s with giveaway captions, that talk about their love story.

Check out Tara Sutaria and Rohan Mehra’s love-dovey moments

Hangin’ #brunching #foodcoma

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See you on the other side. #BeachBums #Lastday2017A post shared by Rohan (@rohanmehra) on

Bangkok diaries #Thailand #Bangkok

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When you change her phone’s passcode. #Throwback #MistyMountainCalling #HimachalA post shared by Rohan (@rohanmehra) on

with the monkey @tarasutaria__ #Throwback #AlwaysBeautiful #DIY

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Home❤️ #MyNeighbourIsHotterThanYours

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With my sunshineA post shared by TARA (@tarasutaria__) on

And as always, the thing I’m proudest of, is you. Go get ’em, mon amour! #Simba ❤A post shared by TARA (@tarasutaria__) on

So yes, she called him ‘Rowie’, he calls her ‘Monkey’. In most of her captions, Tara addresses Rohan as ‘My love’ or ‘My Rohan’. What more, he even knows the passcode to her handheld phone. Need any more proof to say that the two are hopelessly in love with each other? We just hope that with their films coming up, the makers do not ask them to call each other ‘just friends’ or then pull off a fake breakup for publicity.