Exactly a week ago, Kapil Sharma went on an abusive rant on Twitter. Since then has been making headlines every single day. Following this, the comedian also abused journalist Vickey Lalwani. The recordings of the call were later made public following which, Sharma received more flak for his behaviour. Comedian Krushna Abhishek recently blamed the failure of his last Bollywood film Firangi for his mental condition.

Right from Bharti Singh, Shilpa Shinde, Krushna Abhishek a lot of comedians have commented on Kapil’s current state. They all are really worried for the comedian. Recently, Sunil Grover too broke his silence over Kapil and his behaviour. He was asked if it was right of Kapil to abuse the journalist. Grover who is now busy with Dhana Dhan Dhan with Shilpa Shinde said he hopes that Sharma takes care of his health and makes a comeback. He also stated that his family must take proper care of him. Take a look at the video below:

While talking about Kapil Sharma’s condition, Bharti Singh had recently said, “What is happening with Kapil is very depressing. It breaks my heart to see a man who made us all laugh so much down and out like this. But that is the reality, a man who makes everyone smile around him, is a sad soul within. I really pray that he comes out of this ordeal soon.” The lady also requested colleagues and media to give Kapil, the privacy needed for recovery. She says people should take a leaf of how Bollywood reacted when Salman Khan was recently in the news for the blackbuck poaching case verdict. “The behaviour shown by Bollywood stars was a mature one. They showed whatever support on Twitter and went to visit him only after he was back from jail. They refrained from speculating or commenting unnecessarily on the matter.”