There is one half of the country that has a certain image about Sunny Leone. The truth is there is far more to the Bollywood star than some people give her credit for. Though she has not come out and lent her voice on a public platform, she is conscious of how impressionable the common man and kids are, and uses her celebrity status to spread an important message.

Joining her is Alok Nath and upcoming actor Deepak Dobriyal. Spoilers ahead: The short film is set in a rural town in the interiors of the country. Deepak plays a man in his deathbed. Alok Nath, who plays as his father is told that his son has only 11 minutes to live by the doctor. His son is asked for his last wish and the next thing he does he does is show a photo. His family members are shocked and Alok Nath is peeved at his son’s demand.

After some coxing, Nath relents and the next thing we see is a lady wearing a ghoonghat (Sunny Leone). Momentarily, the ailing man starts to feel better but gets to spend only few seconds with his heartthrob, before he breathes his last. What happens next will be an eye-opener and will leave you completely stunned. The unhealthy lifestyles that we lead have taken a toll and one comes across so many casualties along the way too. The mortality rate of this country is reducing with each passing day. Catch this video here: