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Who is Sunny Leone? A question that may not have found an answer in India just a few years ago, especially among the women and children. But today, Sunny Leone aka Karenjit Kaur Vohra is the most searched person on search engine Google in India. Now, everybody knows who she is and what her story is. She has won the hearts of millions of Indians with her honest and earnest attitude to establish a Bollywood career, after ruling the porn industry internationally for over a decade. Entering India through Bigg Boss and then her debut Bollywood film Jism 2, Sunny Leone has shown she is here to stay. Even as she is popular as a sex symbol, she has captivated the hearts of Indians with her beauty, her smile and her positive attitude. caught up for an exclusive video chat with someone who is known as the most beautiful woman in the world – Sunny Leone.  Here are some excerpts from the interview, and also watch the video chat with Sunny Leone (find the full transcript below as well):

Sunny begins with speaking about her latest film One Night Stand and explains how the film deals with issues of gender equality and double standards as far as sexuality is concerned. She also says that if you’re committed to a partner or are married, think twice before having a one-night stand. Sunny goes on to speak about her family – her brother Sundeep Vohra, parents, her husband Daniel Weber and her in-laws – and her love for cooking. She also talks of her strength as a woman, and how it was a dream come true for her to work with Shah Rukh Khan in Raees. Sunny also reveals who her favourite Bollywood actress is in the current lot.

Gender equality

Sunny’s take on gender equality almost reminded us of the recently released movie Ki & Ka, where Arjun Kapoor plays a house husband to Kareena Kapoor Khan. Sunny revealed to us that her husband Daniel helps her do the dishes if need be. “If one of us sees a dirty dish in the sink, I’ll wash it – or he’ll wash it. Well, you build that together, only your husband and you know or your family members know how hard you worked to buy that glass, or to have that sink that’s your own. So, of course you should take care of it.” Speaking about her parents, she says, “My father helped my mother in many different ways around the house.” Watch video interview with Sunny Leone!

Full interview transcript of Sunny Leone with

Shweta Parande: Hi everyone, welcome to We are talking with the most beautiful woman in the world – Sunny Leone. Welcome, Sunny. Why don’t we start with talking about your film One Night Stand? We have all seen the trailer and the songs are already a hit…so, something you wanna say about the film?

Sunny Leone: The film is called One Night Stand and yes, there is a one-night stand in the movie, but hamari movie uske baad shuru hoti hai (the movie’s story begins post the one-night stand). It’s about the relationship between these two characters, their families…. I think, for these two to have a one-night stand was a wrong decision. They definitely do not make the right choice and that choice has consequences, and that’s what the film is about.

SP: We had seen in the trailer of One Night Stand, in the end when you say a line where you give it back to the guy, you know…

Sunny Leone: There’s a lot of that that happens in the film. That particular scene is a lengthy one. There’s another scene where he says some things to my character, and that’s also where I give it back to him. In that way, I liked my character because she was very strong. But she also made a very, very poor choice in life and had a one-night stand with this man. It turns out to be one of the worst decisions she makes in her life.

SP: Are you a little bit like that in real life, in terms of being a strong woman?

Sunny Leone: I think that was the only part where I liked my character in One Night Stand that she was strong. I think I consider myself to somewhat be a confident and strong person – or so I’m told. I dunno, I’m just being myself and that ends up coming across as strong. But for this character, she does have her moments. But the act itself shows her character to be quite weak as well. So, it’s a character in the grey zone. She makes a wrong decision, and there are consequences, but in the end she seems a lot stronger than in the beginning of the movie.

SP: In that sense, does One Night Stand have a bit of a ‘feminist’ take, so-called?

Sunny Leone: Umm, yeah. In One Night Stand, we do touch on the subject of gender equality, the subject of double standards in life between a man and a woman.

SP: So, what happens in the end?

Sunny Leone: (Laughs) You (should) watch what happens in the end. I think that the biggest moral of the story is that maybe having a one-night stand if you’re married or are with somebody you’re committed to…maybe you should think twice about that. And also my character speaks about ‘If a man can do something, why is it so wrong if a woman does the same thing? Why is she ridiculed, looked down upon?’ And I think that there’s a lot of women out there, including myself, who have gone through, maybe not this experience, but have gone through our own struggles, our own situations where we feel like that. It could be something really simple as washing the dishes. I grew up in a household where I watched my father help my mother out in many different ways around the house. So, I know that’s there. If a woman can work 8, 10, 12 hours a day or 16 hours a day and be exhausted, why can’t he husband help her out and do the dishes at night. It could something as simple as that. Like that there are many different subjects of gender equality or umm, double standards, we (in One Night Stand) just talk about one of them. 

SP: Does your husband also help you with the dishes?

Sunny Leone: I’m a very fortunate woman. We both (my husband and I) grew up in households where our fathers worshipped our mothers. And to this day, Daniel’s father worships his mother. It is the sweetest, one of the most beautiful things you will ever see. And I think when children watch this (while) growing up, they also become like their father or their mother. They watch and it becomes a normal thing for them. So I’m very lucky that I have a husband who doesn’t see it as a one-sided thing, and neither do I. If one of us sees a dirty dish in the sink, I’ll wash it – or he’ll wash it. Well, you build that together, only your husband and you know or your family members know how hard you worked to buy that glass, or to have that sink that’s your own. So, of course you should take care of it.

SP: That’s a very good message you’re sending out at a personal level, Sunny. Some of us are lucky enough to have men in our lives who understand us – our dads, husbands, boyfriends, brothers…hopefully this thought will be taken up by a lot of the new generation of men in India…

Sunny Leone: Yeah, I do see that happen in the more urban settings or larger metropolitan cities – that’s all over the world and not just in India. It all starts at home and with the children out there who watch their parents.

SP: Hmm…do you wanna say something about your parents?

Sunny Leone: (Pleasantly surprised) My parents, umm…(fondly) my parents, you know, my father loved to cook. So, on the weekends, my mother got a little break when my father would experiment and make all sorts of crazy dishes. Before he passed away, he loved putting pineapple in everything…I don’t why, but he did! (Laughs) Even sabji had pineapples in it! It was really fun; he was a great man. Both my parents were really loving.

SP: And your brother – he’s a chef?

Sunny Leone: Yeah. Because my father and mother both loved to cook, and especially my father, that kind of rubbed off on my brother. He really took a lot of interest in that field. He went to school, got a business degree (but) he never used it (laughs), and then went to become a chef! My brother’s like a ‘lifer’ in the learning department. We all know that one person who always has his nose in the books – that’s my brother.

SP: So, do you also enjoy cooking?

Sunny Leone: I do enjoy cooking. My favourite thing to do when I go back to the US is to cook a huge meal for family and my closest friends who come over with their kids. I tell my brother that he can relax for the night (smiles), although he does have his hand in everything…. I do love cooking.

SP: What kind of cuisines do you enjoy cooking?

Sunny Leone: Depends on the night. I do love cooking Mexican food. I love anything that I can bake. My husband’s very nice (with the cooking range), so I have this big, dual baking oven – so I have something going on at the bottom, and something going on on top. And I have this really nice stove with eight different burners, so there’s like a multiple things going on at one time. I love cooking Italian food (as well), it’s one of my favourites; it’s probably the easiest. I love Thanksgiving and making that traditional American spread of so many dishes.

SP: Would you like to talk about your experience of working with Shah Rukh Khan in Raees for the item song?

Sunny Leone: It was a dream come true! You wish and you pray and you wish and you pray for a moment like this, and then somebody calls! And I’m so thankful to Shah Rukh Khan for giving me the opportunity to be a part of one of his films. It was a very proud moment for myself, my husband and our whole team; we’ve been together for so long and the people in my team who have all been a part of my journey. It was a very proud moment for us.

SP: And what about the oft-asked question – ‘Are you doing a film with Aamir Khan?’ We read that Daniel and you visited the sets of Dangal and you’re a part of his friends circle now.

Sunny Leone: (Grins) The answer is no, but I hope so.

SP: Aamir is your favourite Khan among the three Khans, isn’t he?

Sunny Leone: He’s like, right up there! But they’re all kind of like aligned in the same space in my mind. So, there’s not one that I like more or less. Aamir, Shah Rukh and Salman Khan are all really nice people; I’ve met all three and had conversations with. I hope work with them happens in the future, but even if it doesn’t, I’ll always be a fan.

SP: And among the girls, the Bollywood actresses, who do you like?

Sunny Leone: I think Alia Bhatt. I think she’s really cute and she’s also a great actress. Watching her grow…she has something very, very special. Hopefully she holds on to it for a long time. I also think Ranveer Singh is really talented.

SP: How about your friendship with Priyanka Chopra?

Sunny Leone: It’s really like a Twitter friendship. I got to meet her just that one time (at an event) and she’s really nice. A lot of people that I’ve met in the last six months have been very nice and supportive. I didn’t think that that would happen!

On that positive note, we said goodbye to Sunny Leone. Her film One Night Stand releases on May 6, 2016, in India. (ALSO READ: Sunny Leone’s erotic book Sweet Dreams available on your phone!)