Sylvester Stallone rubbishes fall-out with Bruce Willis

London, Aug 13: Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone  has said there is no bad blood between him and Bruce Willis despite the ‘Sin City’ star refusing his offer to star in the upcoming film of The Expendables franchise. The 68-year-old action star said that Willis’ refusal to be in the film has not caused any personal animosity between them, reported Contactmusic.

“That happens in film and casting. It’s nothing personal. It sounded like it got personal and I’m sorry it did sound that way. But it was actors talking and things move on. “I think Bruce Willis is a great guy and he does fantastically entertaining films and when he nails it, he nails it big time,” Stallone said.

Willis, 59, who starred in the second installment of the action franchise, has now been replaced by Harrison Ford in the third film.