Before we end our work day on Friday, we have here our daily dose of cuteness! Taimur Ali Khan! The little kiddo spent today evening at the park, enjoying the chill in Mumbai weather. We just got our hands on pictures of him on a kiddie-swing and he has us in the weekend mode too. Interestingly, just yesterday we got pictures of Shahid Kapoor and daughter Misha spending an evening at the park and today, we have Taimur, who took a break from his swing in his balcony and ventured out to the park. Coincidence?

The kid will be turning one-year-old in just a few days and all are waiting to see how the Kapoor’s ring in his special day. While there was a big party being planned, now following the death of veteran actor Shashi Kapoor, we wonder if there will be some changes. Meanwhile, we just learnt that the Khan-Kapoor home is already in a Christmas mode. They have put up an X’mas tree complete with ornaments and other decorations and all the three- Kareena Kapoor Khan, Saif Ali Khan and Taimur sit around it and listen to Christmas carols. How cute na! Is that how Taimur will spend his rest of the evening once he goes back home from the park, we wonder.


Look that those cheeks and those exploring eyes!


That faint smile is just so heart melting!


Taimur is too small to speak now, but he is so expressive in his pictures


Enjoying the evening!


Looking around, so as to not miss any single interesting thing!


A naughty baby, am I!

Taimur is such a cutie that each time his pictures reach us, we find it hard to focus on anything else! He is growing up too soon and that makes us happy and sad as well. We just hope he never lose his cuteness. He turns one on December 20 and we are waiting to see more pictures of him around that time. You?