Taimur Ali Khan is back in spotlight with his chubby appearance. The cute munchkin was again spotted with his nanny in Bandra. The royal baby was looking extremely adorable in white polo t-shirt and matching white shoes. Also one can see his nanny carrying some toys with which he must be playing! With paparazzi always around him, by now, little Nawab has become a pro in posing. Here too, you can see Taimur looking curiously at camera and pouting as if he assumes that this is how you are supposed to pose! Can we ever get over this obsession with Taimur? NO.

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pic credits- yogen shah

A few days ago, he was snapped swinging lazily in his balcony. Even then, he pouted all the time and was well aware about how popular he is amongst the fans. We know that everybody finds this baby cute and wants to have glimpse of him all the time. With all this extra attention over him, the Kapoor family was a bit skeptical. Hence, according to the latest reports, they performed a ritual where transgenders are called to bless the baby. They performed this common ritual in India for Taimur too but the amount is totally uncommon! The Kapoor clan apparently gave Rs 51,000 to these transgenders who came to bless their youngest toddler. ALSO READ: Taimur Is The Real KID OF COOL! Check Out Pics Of Him Chilling In His Balcony

We all know how they had to receive the flak just after he was named as ‘Taimur’. Even though, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan handled the situation gracefully, any parent would want to keep all the negativity far away from their baby. May be this is the reason they decided to perform this ritual. Well, coming back to these new cute pics, aren’t they simply adorable?