Tamil actor-activist Vishal Krishna, who was arrested on December 20 by the Chennai Police in Teynampet for breaking the lock and forcibly entering the building of Tamil Film Producers Council (TFPC), which had been locked by a group of producers, remains adamant that he has done nothing wrong. Members of TFPC had accused him of misappropriation of funds, and tried to stop him from entering the building. Vishal, who is the president of TFPC, was released after a favourable ruling by the court.

According to IANS, Vishal spoke at length about the incident in an interview, and when asked about it, he said that he was shocked by what had happened and that bullying tactics will not work with him, as they are no one to stop him from entering his own office.

“Very much so. I was shocked. I knew I had made many enemies…or rather I wouldn’t call them enemies, but people who are not on the same page as me…Ironically they slapped me with charges from the wrong section and arrested me. To my good fortune, the honourable judge ordered my immediate release. It just strengthens my belief in our country’s judicial system, and also in my belief that the truth, which always hurts the untruthful, will always prevail,” he said.

“Bullying tactics won’t work with me. When they tried to stop me I refused to listen to them. Who are they to try to stop me? I am an elected President of the TFPC. How can they prevent me from going into my own office?” he added.

When he was asked if the recent developments have discouraged him in any way, he said, “Not at all. We’ve scored many successes, the biggest of them being the number of hit films in Tamil in 2018. It is the highest number in recent times. Do you know why this happened? Because producers co-operated and did not insist on releasing two or more films on the same Friday. Instead the films were spaced out and came out one after the other week after week.”

“Even when producers insisted on releasing films in a bunch on a festive weekend, we convinced them not to do this. It is a big change for producers,” he revealed.

On being accused of misappropriating funds and being a part of piracy outfits like Tamil Rockers, Vishal said, “As far as being hand-in-glove with those very elements that I’ve been fighting against goes, I can only laugh at these absurd attempts to discredit me. Misappropriation of funds…every single penny is accounted for. There are bills for every transaction. I come from a background where I don’t need to make money inappropriately.”

“By God’s grace my career as an actor is going well. In fact, I have to give up acting offers to look after my work at the TFPC,” he added.

Vishal also said that the producers wanted him to sign some papers in order to avoid arrest for trying to enter his own office, and he said he had refused as he would rather go to jail if he has committed a crime.