AIB artist Tanmay Bhat is always in news for all the wrong reasons. Recently, his snapchat video where he was mocking Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar went viral and also attracted a lot of criticisms. This time again, he has taken a dig at Priyanka Chopra for having a typical accent. But as expected, the comedian got a taste of his own medicine and that too from none other than Pee Cee. (ALSO READ: Tanmay Bhat video: Lata Mangeshkar reacts on being mocked by notorious comedian!)

Priyanka Chopra is one busy actress but makes sure to update her social media profile on time. This time when Tanmay Bhat tried to troll her accent, Pee Cee was clear to not take it easily. She gave an apt reply to the AIB artist for trying to make a joke out of her accent for no reason.

Here’s what Tanmay posted, “When I say @priyankachopra’s name in my head I now automatically pronounce it like “Priyaaaanka Chopruh”.

To which Priyanka replied, “I’m supposed to have the accent @thetanmay what happened to u? Lol

Much like Priyanka, her fans were enraged with Tanmay over his sheepish comment. They slammed the comedian on social media for unnecessarily dragging the Quantico actress into a controversy to get some attention. Looking at the reaction of PC fans, Bhat had to bow down. He took to twitter to calm the furious fans by saying, “PC fans, kyu mujhpe chadh rahe ho, it was meant to be a compliment what is wrong with some of you smh.” (ALSO READ: Baywatch: Priyanka Chopra gets talking about her role as villain Victoria Leeds!)

But, his words went down into deaf ears and hateful messages kept pouring in for Tanmay. That’s when Priyanka decided to step in to cool her fans. She wrote, “Guys it was a joke!! From me and him!! Comedy is the smartest form of entertainment!and @thetanmay has it down!xoxo.

On work front, Priyanka is busy with her Hollywood film Baywatch and is also shooting for the second season of TV series Quantico 2. Pee Cee is yet to sign any projects in bollywood style.