Somi clears her stance about her and Deepak’s relationship but eventually get into an argument with Romil regarding nominations. Next morning, contestants wake up to Tashan’s song Dil Dance Maare. The second alarm goes on for Romil and Deepak. Surbhi asks Romil to wake up and stop breaking rules. Bigg Boss asks Romil to wear his mike. Romil and Somi get into argument about back-bitching about her to other contestants.

Rohit and Surbhi talk about Karanvir’s game. Karanvir tells Deepak that my priority is my reputation in this game. Bigg Boss asks contestants to choose the best performer in the tournament task. Surbhi tells Sreesanth, Rohit, and Deepika that she feels best performer is Sreesanth. Deepak, Karanvir, and Romil discuss why Somi should be the best performer.  All members of the house discuss about the best performer. Sreesanth wins the best performer tag for the tournament task. Being the best performer, Sreesanth is authorized to choose three names for the jail punishment. Meanwhile, Somi and Romil once again get into a fight.

Sreesanth talks to each contestant to nominate one member and give their reason for nominating. Bigg Boss calls all contestants to the garden area and Sreesanth sends Romil to the jail. Somi nominates Rohit for the jail punishment but Deepak and Rohit get into an argument.

Rohit goes to jail next and gives his reason for taunting Somi regarding Romil that he never talks to her nicely still she goes to him to talk to him. Sreesanth sends Deepak to the jail.

Bigg Boss contestants to take one out of the eviction nominations – Karanvir, Somi and Rohit, who does not deserve to go further in the game. Deepika, Karanvir, Somi, Romil, Deepak, and Sreesanth take Rohit’s name. Surbhi and Rohit take Karanvir’s name. Surbhi and Karanvir get into an argument because Surbhi took Karanvir’s name.

Romil tells Deepak and Rohit about his game plan. Somi and Karanvir talk about Surbhi.

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