Deepika and Sreesanth’s relationship affected as the duo gets into an argument. After the fight, Sreesanth clears his stance to Romil and Deepak. Moving on, Sreesanth starts doing his task where he has to have his own chat show. Surbhi Rana is in the limelight where she has to answer the questions of Sreesanth, Romil, and Deepak. Surbhi accepts that aggression is her weak point. Surbhi breaks down in tears after all members of the house target Surbhi for having aggression.

Deepak is given a secret task by Bigg Boss where he is given a phone where he will receive notification about the task. If Deepak completes the task successfully, he can win Christmas gifts for all the contestants. Deepak is asked to hide Deepika and Shoaib’s picture frame and Romil’s turtle bag. He is supposed to make everyone believe that the things have been stolen. All the contestants go haywire and start searching for their stolen items. Deepak is trying to put all blame on Karanvir but Deepika and Romil doubt Surbhi.

Now, Surbhi has been given the secret task where she is supposed to make Deepika cry so that Sreesanth reacts. Surbhi goes on with her task and she gets into an argument with Deepika and Sreesanth.

Moving on, Bigg Boss asks Surbhi to hand over the phone to Sreesanth but he does not want to talk to her. Deepika breaks down into tears after the fight. However, Surbhi is successful to give the phone to Sreesanth.

Bigg Boss asks Sreesanth to dance whenever he is talking to any member of the house. Sreesanth continues dancing while talking to Romil. Bigg Boss announces that the contestants were successful in completing the task and all members will be getting a Christmas gift and a party has been arranged for all in the house.

Surbhi apologises to Deepika about her behaviour. Urvashi Rautela enters the house as the Christmas angel. She hands over the gifts to all the contestants and leads them to the open area for the party.

Urvashi dances along with other contestants.

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