The makers of reality show Bigg Boss 12 are gearing up for the grand finale, and the contestants are preparing themselves for the last leg of their stay in the house. In a recent episode, where Shah Rukh Khan was present to promote his movie Zero, host Salman Khan had taken a dig at Karanvir Bohra, saying that he has come on the show with no purpose in mind. It appears his comment was not taken well by Karanvir’s wife Teejay Sidhu.

In a post she put up on her Twitter page, Teejay slammed the makers of the show for being biased, and this is not the first time that she has publicly lashed out at them. In the most recent post she wrote that a set of guidelines should be put up that will apply to all the housemates equally. She also tweeted that her husband treats everyone with love and respect and does not deserve the kind of treatment he was getting.

Along with the support she showed for Karanvir, she also encouraged him to go on as he was, and if his ‘purpose’ was not to hurt anyone, then she was okay with it, adding that Bigg Boss 12 is ending in 13 days.

Earlier, Teejay had written a letter slamming the makers for their double standards, saying that her husband was being ridiculed ever weekend. She had stated that whatever Karanvir wore he was made fun of, and it was wrong to shame someone based on the way they looked, or how they dressed.

“Since the first day KV has respected the format of the show. Unlike others, he has not tried to leave, he has not spoken against Bigg Boss or the channel, he has not used any abusive language, he has given his best in every task, and whenever he is wrong he has apologized. With utmost dignity, he has handled everything,” she had written.

Bigg Boss 12 will be coming to an end on December 30th, and while the makers are gearing up for the grand finale, the contestants are racing to make it in top 4.