Contestants wake up with the Bollywood song being played inside the house. Romil then goes to wake up Sreesanth but he gets offended and asks him to leave the bedsheet. Meanwhile, Shivashish sleeps peacefully. Later during the day, Karanvir, Jasleen, and Deepak discuss about Romil’s way of waking up Sreesanth. Karanvir thinks that it was bad on Romil to wake up Sreesanth like that.

Rohit writes a sorry letter for Srishty and keeps it on her bed. Karanvir asks Srishty to go check her bed as something is kept there. Rohit and Srishty then sort out things and smile at each other.

Deepika then reads the jail term task and ask the contestants to talk to Romil as he will decide who deserves to get the jail punishment for this week. Romil and Jasleen discuss about who should be given the jail ticket. Jasleen takes the name of Sreesanth for his behaviour during the captaincy task. Karanvir also takes the name of Sreesanth and Shivashish. Romil tries to convince Karanvir that why he deserves to go to jail. Deepak also tries to convince Romil that Sreesanth deserves to go to jail this week.

Romil goes to Sreesanth to talk to him and tells him to give three names of the contestants for the jail term and defend himself why he should not go to the jail. Sreesanth tells Romil that he can’t bend so he can’t go to the jail. Sreesanth takes Rohit, Megha, Jasleen and Karanvir’s name for the jail punishment.

Jasleen then confronts Sreesanth that why he took her name and give her reason why she thinks he deserves to go to jail.

Romil takes Megha’s name first for the jail term and gives her the reason why she deserves to go to jail. Megha denies to take the ticket and says that until and unless she defends herself, she will not accept the ticket. She also threatens other contestants that from next day onwards she will not to do any housework. Megha goes to the jail and takes the name of Deepak, Surbhi and Karanvir. Romil tells Surbhi that Megha nominated her for jail punishment because she slanged on the national television. Surbhi then fights with Romil and breaks down in tears.

Romil then takes Shivashish’s name. He thinks that he deserves to go the jail as he has been too aggressive this week and gives him the ticket to jail. But Shivashish defends by saying that who is not aggressive in this house. He throws away the ticket and says that he will not go to the jail. Meanwhile, Surbhi creates nuisance in the house and says that she deserves to go to jail. Romil then asks Bigg Boss to ask Shivashish to go to the jail.

Meanwhile, Sreesanth thinks that Surbhi and Shivashish are playing revenge and it’s ridiculous. Deepti takes the stand for Surbhi. Bigg Boss warns the contestants to respect the captain’s decision otherwise all contestants have to go through the repercussions.

Contestants then try to convince Shivashish to go to the jail but he does not agree to do so. Bigg Boss targets Shivashish for breaching his contract with the show and nominates all the contestants except Romil for the eviction next week.

Somi blames Shivashish for being nominated because of his selfish attitude. All the other contestants are also upset with Shivashish. Deepti blames Sreesanth for supporting Shivashish in his decision for not going to jail. Sreesanth defends himself by saying that he tried to convince Shivashish to go to jail. Sreesanth and Deepika get into a heated argument. Karanvir and Srishty confront Shivashish about Sreesanth aking him to go to jail. Shivashish says that yes he asked him to go to the jail but he said he won’t go. Sreesanth apologises to Deepika for having an argument with her. Meanwhile, Shivashish breaks down in tears and tells Sreesanth that he wants to go from the house. Sreesanth then narrates his story that no hotels or restaurant’s used to allow him to stay there even after he gave proof of his innocence.

Karanvir then announces luxury task to the other contestants and narrates the task. Deepak became the judge of the house.

Contestants begin the luxury task. Rohit completes the task in 38 seconds and Rohit completes it in 49 seconds which makes Romil’s team the winner of the luxury task.

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