In the latest episode of Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2,  Prerna is disappointed at herself for hurting her parents. Rajesh asks Veena to talk to Prerna and try to convince her to change her decision. Veena makes it to Prerna’s room and sees her crying looking at her family photo.

Veena tries to convince Prerna but instead, Prerna lashes out at Veena. Prerna tells Veena that she now wishes to live her life like Mohini and not think before spending money. Veena is surprised to hear that come from her daughter’s mouth and gets disappointed at Prerna. Later, Prerna regrets whatever she said and gets upset over it.

Prerna now thinks on how to convince her family for the Aadaan pradan ritual. Moloy, on the other hand, calls Mohini and asks her to make Nivedita to respect Rajesh since, for Momoy, Rajesh is more than just an employer. Nivedita comes home to criticise Rajesh while her husband tells her about Prerna and Naveen. He asks her to enjoy their wedding for now since that will give her more reasons to criticise Rajesh.

Prerna goes to college where her friend Anjali, is thinking how to get close to Anurag. She then gets an idea and bribes the librarian to close the door as soon as she enters the library. While Anjali is thinking she will be the one locked inside the library with just Anurag, the librarian instead locks Prerna inside with Anurag. Prerna is there upset and suddenly she gets scared on hearing pages turn. Just when she was thinking of it to be a ghost and was walking off, Anurag stops her.

Anjali, who is outside, gets all worried since she could not get herself locked with Anurag. She was not able to enter. Prerna tries to open the door but falls. A book falls in the library and Prerna thinks that there is a ghost in the library. Parth tries to convince her that there is no ghost in the room but Prerna starts assuming. Anurag tries to pull Prerna’s leg and asks her to sing in Bengali and entertain the ghosts while Anjali is still panicking outside.

Anurag asks Prerna to relax but she starts crying. Anjali now tries to peep through the door hole and Prerna thinks it is a ghost again and hugs Anurag. Anjali hears a girls voice from the library and starts wondering who is inside with Anurag.

The librarian responds and says that he will get the keys and unlock them soon. Anurag goes to get Prerna’s bag and finds an open window. He tells Prerna that it was the wind that made the book fall and not a ghost.

Just before they exit from the library, Anurag says that he does not believe in love but prays that she the kind of boy she wants. Anjali pulls Prerna’s leg for getting locked with Anurag. Later Prerna thinks how she needs to get married to Naveen for their good.