Naveen and Madhuri suspect that there is somebody outside their room. Anurag throws the lamp on the floor and hides behind the wall. Anurag talks to himself that he will keep an eye on Naveen but he should feel that he is not after him anymore. Prerna thinks about Mohini slapping Anurag and the romantic moments they both had together.

Next morning, Anurag sleep is disrupted due to sunlight. Mohini comes in the room and shades Anurag’s eyes and starts crying thinking about slapping Anurag. Anurag wakes up seeing Mohini in the room and says he is not willing to have haldi milk. Mohini asks him how he knows that she has got the milk for him. Anurag says it’s okay if she has slapped him. He then clarifies that he didn’t ask Ronita to speak against Naveen. Mohini breaks down in tears thinking about he slapped Anurag. She asks Anurag to get ready as the family has to go for haldi ceremony to Prerna’s house today. Mohini thinks that after going for haldi ceremony, Anurag will realise that even Prerna wants to marry Naveen.

Prerna’s family are busy with the preparations for the haldi ceremony. Prerna tries to talk to her mother but she is busy finding shagun envelops. While finding envelops, Prerna’s sister, Shivani find the letter of eviction of the house from Prerna’s room that was sent by Mohini.

Prerna and her mother talk about Naveen and allegations levied against him. Prerna says that it’s important for her to marry him. Shivani thinks that she is only marrying Naveen to save the house and the family.

Shivani decides not to talk to Prerna and instead tell about the letter to Anurag. Basu family comes to Prerna’s house for the haldi ceremony. Prerna’s grandmother taunts Mohini for wearing so much of jewellery. Anurag then keeps the bowl of haldi near the house temple. Anurag gets awe-struck seeing Prerna. Prerna sits for the haldi ceremony and her grandmother tells everyone to get Anurag’s haldi. Mohini tells her she is getting married to Naveen so haldi will be of his name and not of Anurag.

Prerna’s mother starts the ceremony by putting haldi on her. Mohini and others also start putting haldi on her. Anurag gets aside of the house and Prerna notices it. Prerna’s grandmother goes to Anurag and asks him to marry Prerna.

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