In yesterday’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya we saw that Tanu’s plan to poison Pragya by giving her papaya juice had failed when Abhi accidentally hit the glass she was holding with his hand. Instead of giving up, Tanu thinks of something else by which she can bring harm to Pragya and her unborn child.

Today’s episode started with Abhi giving Pragya a gold and diamond bracelet to wear with her dress for the party. He tells Pragya that it is not a bracelet but his love and that he is so happy with the news of her pregnancy that he does not know what to give her. Pragya, in turn, tells him that she only wants his time and that when the baby is born he will take care of it. Abhi tells her that she is saying only one when he is ready to take care of more.

Abhi next asks her what she will give him in return for the bracelet, and while Pragya is smiling coyly, he asks her for a kiss. Pragya says no and tells him to leave the room so she can get ready for the party. As Abhi turns to leave, Pragya looks at the bracelet and gives it an emotional kiss, not realizing Abhi was standing behind her. Getting emotional she turns around to call Abhi back and when she sees him standing by the door, she blows him a kiss, which Abhi pretends to catch.

Meanwhile, Tanu, who has thought of another plan, is seen checking out the lehenga Pragya will be wearing for the party. Speaking to herself, she says this time God is on her side even though the effort to harm Pragya is all hers. Tanu next takes out a pair of scissors and cuts the lining of the lehenga with the hope that it would trip Pragya and she will fall down the stairs and lose her baby.

The next scene shows guests arriving for the party and Abhi serving drinks to them. While the family members joke about Abhi working while there are so many helpers around, Tanu gives an angry look and thinks to herself that the next step of her plan would be to involve Mitali bhabhi. She calls out to her and tells her to get Pragya ready since all the guests have arrived.

As Mitali bhabhi climbs up the stairs to go get Pragya, the next scene cuts to Disha telling Pragya to come out of her dressing room so she can see her in the lehenga. As Pragya walks out, she almost falls and Disha tells her to be careful. Just as Pragya was about to tell her something was wrong with the attire, Mitali bhabhi enters the room.

Mitali bhabhi, who could not wait to head back downstairs to the guests, tells Pragya to hurry up as everyone is waiting for her. Pragya tells both Disha and Mitali that there is a tear in her dress. Disha tells her she will stitch it in a hurry and looks for the sewing kit, but is not able to find the box. Pragya tells them it’s okay and to use safety pins to hold the tear.

Tanu in the meantime is thinking about how long Pragya will take to get her dress fixed, and that she will hurry to come downstairs and not look where she is going. Tanu’s plan is to trip Pragya with small metal balls as she comes down the stairs.

As Pragya heads out of the room, Tanu is seen standing at the top of the stairs where Aliya finds her and tells her that she knows that Tanu is planning something bad. Aliya tells Tanu that if she does anything that would harm Pragya’s baby, she will punish Tanu herself. Tanu realises that she has throw suspicion away from her and tells Aliya that she is not planning on doing anything that would jeopardise Pragya’s health.

Once Aliya walks away, Tanu puts the small balls on the steps and walks down to the guests. Abhi meanwhile calls Pragya and tells her to hurry downstairs, and asks her if he should come and get her. Tanu on hearing him thinks to herself if he goes her plan would fail, and he tries to distract him by tripping the helper.

Next Purab goes up to Abhi and whispers something in his ear, and Tanu wonders what they are up to as they both walk away. Pragya meanwhile was about to come down the stairs when she begins to have stomach pain. Disha and Mitali bhabhi are worried, but Pragya reassures them that the pain is not very much. Mitali bhabhi then announces that Pragya is coming downstairs.

As Pragya takes her first step on the stairs, Abhi rushes over to King to point her out. Pragya sees him too and smiles. As both Abhi and King are standing together, Pragya keeps smiling at them as she walked down the stairs. Not looking where she was going, she steps on the balls and begins to slip down the stairs. On seeing her fall, Abhi rushes forward and catches her, preventing any harm from coming to her.

The family members are all shocked, and Tanu looks like she is about to cry as her plan has once again failed. Abhi asks Pragya if she is okay and she tells him that she is fine and that she will go and change her clothes. As she walks off, Abhi sees the ball bearings rolling down the stairs and asks who placed them there. Getting no answer, he asks Kiara about them as they were a part of her toy. Kiara says she has no idea how they got on the stairs.

Abhi tells everyone that whoever dropped them had better tell him right away or they will face severe consequences later on.

Tanu on the other hand, seeing that her plan has failed once again, rushes in anger to the kitchen and tries to convince herself that her luck is with her. She blames God for the failure of her plan. King, who had followed her to the kitchen, hears her ranting about it and questions her. She tries to pretend that she does not know what he is talking about, but he does not believe her. When he grabs her arm, she threatens to tell Abhi.

King tells her to go and do just that, and he will tell everyone else that she had tried to kill Pragya’s baby. Tanu tells him that she will always try to harm Pragya whether he likes it or not. King grabs her by her neck and tells her never to make that kind of a mistake and not to even think about it, because before she can finish her thought, he will kill her.

King tells Tanu that it does not matter that Pragya is not with him physically, but she will always remain in his heart. He warns her again to stay away from Pragya.

Tune in tomorrow to find out what happens next.