In today’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi and Purab looks for Tanu but couldn’t find her. Abhi calms Purab down after he gets angry for what Tanu has done with the family. Both of them go inside to tell Pragya that Tanu that they couldn’t find Tanu and Aliya sees that Pragya is tensed. Aliya goes to see Tanu but stops when she sees Abhi and Purab coming. Abhi tries to relax Pragya and tells her that he will not let Tanu harm them anymore. Aliya still believes that Tanu is there and goes to see her. The family continues with the baby shower ceremony.

Tanu goes to Nikhil’s house and asks him for the help but Nikhil humiliates her after she asks Nikhil to help her separate Pragya and Abhi. Tanu tries to fuel up Nikhil against Abhi to take the revenge. She tells Nikhil that if he will take revenge from Abhi for her then she will give him Rs 1 crore and Nikhil agrees. She plans to harm Paragya’s twins so that the family is devastated.

During the baby shower, family teases Nikhil after he asks not to put oil on Pragya. Nikhil enters the ceremony in disguise of a Rajasthani band person. On the other hand, Tanu is restless and eagerly waits for Nikhil’s call. She thinks that she wants to destroy Pragya so that Abhi comes back to her.

Nikhil points the gun at Pragya but Kiara hits him and runs and goes to her parents. He hides the gun and Kiara asks Abhi to dance along with her. Abhi takes Pragya to join him in dancing. Meanwhile, Nikhil gets a call from Tanu and tells her that it not so easy to kill Pragya as all family members are present there. He asks her not to disturb him and he will call her up once the work is done. Tanu decides to be the mother of Kiara after Nikhil kills Pragya.

Kiara looks for Pragya’s phone so that she could take a selfie. Later, she meets Aliya and takes a selfie with her. Kiara then goes to a room where she finds Nikhil and ask him also for a selfie but she recognises him to be the same person who tried to kill Pragya. She runs away to tell it to the family.

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