Naagin 3 Latest News: Vyom’s mother tells him that Mahir will never listen to even a single word against Bela. He says that he will reveal Bela’s real face to Mahir and that’s when he will throw her out of his life. Bela meets Vikrant on the terrace and asks him about what he has done. Vikrant says he hasn’t done anything. Bela tells him that she doesn’t trust him. Vikrant tells Bela that he is with her and whatever he has done, he has done to make Vyom furious. Bela asks Vikrant that he should always let his wife, Vishaka, know about what he is upto otherwise, his marriage will be in trouble.

Mahir’s parents plan a party and discuss the guests’ list. Vyom sneaks into Bela’s room while she’s fixing her saree. Bela threatens him and asks him to get out of her room. Vyom tells Bela that he will kill her tonight. He brings Bela’s sister, Juhi, in the conversation and tells her that his family killed Juhi. Bela reminisces the happy moments she shared with her sister and gets emotional. She regrets she couldn’t save her sister from being killed.

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Vikrant’s mother bites him in her snake-avatar. He tells her that he’s trying hard to get the Naagmani. Bela decides that she will take help from the entire Naagin clan to beat Vyom, the vulture, in the big fight tonight. Bela greets the guests as Mahir holds her back and drags her to a corner. He asks her if she’s in some trouble. Bela denies. Mahir then tells her she seems bothered about something and it’s high time she should start sharing her problems with him.

Mahir gives a presentation to the guests. Vikrant and Vyom discuss the legendary enmity between a Naag and a Giddh. Vikrant tells Vyom that he might be supporting him but he will never cause any harm to Bela (Roohi). He also warns Vyom against hurting Bela. Vyom promises that he will not touch Bela but on one condition: Vikrant will have to give him the naagmani. Vikrant agrees. Vyom then thinks that he is not interested in any naagmani but wants to take his revenge from Bela and he will do everything in his powers to kill her tonight.

Photo Courtesy: A TV Screenshot

Photo Courtesy: A TV Screenshot


The party resumes after the presentation. Mahir goes to Bela to have a word but she asks him to get her water. Bela leaves the party with Vyom. Mahir follows her. Bela has earlier given Vishaka a responsibility to stop Mahir from following her. But, Vikrant stops her from performing the task assigned to her. Vikrant then attacks Vishaka and tells her that neither he will follow Bela’s order nor will he let her follow them. Vikrant then pushes Vishaka and she faints. Meanwhile, Bela and Vyom enter a den. Bela turns into a Naagin and challenges Vyom. The pre-cap of the next episode shows Mahir telling Bela that he will always trust her, and Vishaka gets to know that Vikrant always wanted Mahir to know about Bela’s real Naagin avatar. Watch out this space for all the latest updates on Naagin 3.