Himesh Reshammiya’s latest offering at the Box office, Teraa Surroor –A Lethal Love Story has hit the theatres this Friday. The singer-cum-music composer has made a comeback after two years and I am sure, no one (except Himesh fans) missed him onscreen. Teraa Surroor is a sequel to Aap Kaa Surroor, his 2007 film and model Farah Karimaee makes her Bollywood debut as Himesh’s lady love. Directed by Shawn Aranhaa, the movie also stars Naseeruddin Shah, Shekhar Kapur, Kabir Bedi and Monica Dogra in important roles. (ALSO READ: Teraa Suroor song Bekhudi: Darshan Raval breathes life into Himesh Reshammiya’s sob story)

Himesh Reshammiya’s Aap Ka Suroor gave Hansika Motwani her first break in Bollywood and the audience enjoyed the musical blockbuster for its entertainment value (pun intended). However, after nine long years, the music composer is back to woo his ‘fans’ with his six pack abs and some deadly action sequences. When I say deadly, I mean it because it is very unlikely for a person with sense to believe what the actor pulled off onscreen in the name of stunts.

Teraa Surroor is about Raghu played by Himesh trying, a gangster, to save his innocent girlfriend Tara (Farah Karimaee) who is held by the Dublin Police for illegally carrying drugs. But we felt the movie was all about Raghu, The Robot Man, with barely any expressions, his Surroor, his obsession, his body, his skills and so on. The beautiful lady has hardly any role in the film except for posing with her man and shedding invisible tears. (ALSO READ: Teraa Suroor spoof: AIB’s Hollywood Mein Suroor posters take a dig at Himesh Reshammiya!)

Naseeruddin Shah and Shekar Kapur play minor but pivotal roles in Teraa Surroor. Naseeruddin plays the character of Santino, an expert in fleeing from prisons, helps Raghu to rescue his love from the Dublin Prison. Raghu, using his hints, attempts to rescue Tara’s from the clutches of the Police, who are quite smart and can trap anyone within 20 minutes. However, the makers failed to portray the stringent security system as stern enough to catch hold of a prisoner. The first half of the film is literally depressing but post interval the movie manage to make-up for the loss with its gripping events. Just when you thought the film would have a predictable climax, it will surprise you with a twist.

What we loved:

We loved Farah, and so hope that she had some significant role in the film. Teraa Surroor takes you to some of the beautiful, eye-catching locales in Dublin, Ireland. The music and songs of the film get five stars without any second thought. This is another reason, why you can bear to sit through the end of the film. You might not be an ardent fan of Himesh Reshammiya, but at the same time you cannot deny the fact that he knows what his audience wants. The movie had a convincible climax with no loose ends.

What we disliked:

The movie could have been better with some improvements in the plot. The movie seems like a mixture of several films in one and Himesh tries hard to imitate The Dabangg Salman, specially in the action scenes. While first half was too slow, the second half had so many things going on that you might get confused. Himesh needs to really work on his expressions. For instance, he looked blank and emotionless in a love making scene, which also looks as if it was forcibly fitted in the film.

Final Verdict:

Teraa Surroor, in simple words, is a true Himesh film made for his crazy fans. You will definitely love the songs of the film and the beautiful locations in the movie are a treat to your eyes.

Rating: ** (2 stars)