If you’re an avid Spiderman lover like we are then this movie will disappoint you more than the first one did. The plot is basically, Spiderman or Peter Parker (played by Andrew Garfield) is in love with Gwen Stacey (played by Emma Stone) but isn’t supposed to be with her because he promised her father as he was dying that he would leave her alone. But he dates her anyway only to see her father haunt him in visions. (Read: The Amazing Spider-Man performs some amazing Parkour moves!)

Peter is also struggling to find out more about his father while he is reunited with his old friend Harry Osborne ( Dane DeHaan) following the death of Norman Osborne. The main protagonist of the movie is Electro (Jamie Foxx) who is an engineer at Oscorp and a huge Spidey fan gets his powers following an accident in an electric eel tank.

This movie was disappointing. It seemed too long and the selection of music was quite irritating, except of course for the Blue Danube which is a masterpiece. The movie for a large part was more of a rom-com than a superhero movie and like many movies these days, was only saved by good special effects and camerawork. At times the movie got quite dry and the plot was a bit too confusing. The movie seemed more focused on Peter and Gwen’s relationship than it did on Electro or Harry (who eventually becomes the Green Goblin)

While the movie wasn’t unwatchable, but it just wasn’t what one expects from a superhero movie, especially a Spiderman one considering it was more of a chick flick with fight sequences in between than a movie about a guy in a spandex suit with the abilities of a spider. It was quite a let down from the first movie which itself wasn’t great. We still recommend you see it, just don’t expect too much, unless you’re a teenage girl in which case you’ll love it.