What is considered to be the evil hour for normal peeps is turning out to be a lucky number for Ranvijay Singh. 3 has never been Rannvijay Singh’s lucky number. But his faith in the number is about to change after the release of his film 3 AM.

Rannvijay has always been wary of the number as it has never really been auspicious for him. But now the title of his upcoming horror film has the number in it. In fact, the film is based on the hour 3 AM, which is the hour of the dead.

And people who have seen the film have told him that he is going to start believing in the number because of the fate of the film. Rannvijay has done an exceptional job in the film and it is going to be lucky for the actor. But what is making people even more curious about the MTV VJ-turned-actor and his horror flick is the unabashed hot scenes the 31-year-old actor has  indulged in, especially after his recent marriage-wink wink