The Kapil Sharma Show started with a recap of the yesterday’s episode when the cast of Bareilly Ki Barfi cast Ayushmann Khurrana. The show started with Kirti Sanon and Rajkummar Rao dancing to Ayushmann and Kapil crooning in a duet. The crowd thoroughly enjoyed this scene. After a point, it was all Ayushmann and it was an amazing treat for the crowds as Ayushmann came in the mood.

After that Kapil continued with the interview from where he left off yesterday. Sumona Chakravarti entered the scene and greeted everyone. They went on to have a hilarious skit much to the entertainment of the crowd. More characters entered the fray, and it was centered around them. The character of Dadaji even made fun of how men disguised as women in skits on the Kapil Sharma show which was a hilarious moment!

The Dadaji was continuing his hilarious moment. Sumona then scooted away with Dadaji. Next, Kapil invited writer/director Ashwini Iyer Tiwari, Seema, and Angad ji. Kapil praised her previous films Neel Batte Sannata. Kapil then asked questions about her married life and had some laughs. Kapil pointed out that Seema had been Ayushmann’s mother in law for the third film straight. Angad then explained how he first auditioned to director Anurag Kashyap.

Kapil then opened an open question round for the audience. And the crowd responded with its usual bizarre standards. A man came on stage, removed his shirt to show Kriti his chest movement dance. Then came another guy who sang for Sidhu Paji and it was a hilarious moment. Another guy asked them to o their break dance that they have performed in the film. And so they did! They gave a stellar performance. Then the guy who requested it came onstage and did it himself, and turned out to be an absolute sensation. Sidhu went on to call it the best dance performance he’s seen on the stage of this show.

Next, Angad entered with a performance of his own. Next, a woman requested to make Kapil laugh and did a cute skit of her own. Kiki Sharda then began with his Ke Bhail Crorepati. Whilst Kiku was entertaining, Kapil entered in his alter avatar too. The two coming together made the crowd burst with laughter on several occasions. Kapil is hilarious in the Ke Bhail Crorepati. In the end, Rajkummar Rao brought in some sarees, in which they took a selfie. The episode ends.