And tonight’s Kapil Sharma Show starts with a Baba attired Kapil Sharma Show, with an introduction of a new member in the Kapil Sharma Show. The two started off with an entertaining banter with each other. Rochelle Rao entered the scene looking stunning in a pink saree. The two mulled over her weak Hindi in a hilarious skit. Kapil tried upping his flirting game with her as well. Kapil was solving the local’s samasyas when Kiku Sharda’s nurse avatar Bumper entered the scene.

With Bumper’s entry, we had a classic Kiku Sharda session full of banter, laughter, and applauses. Bumper pleaded Kapil the Baba for granting her the love of her life, which ensued a series of funny situations. They were discussing over her chances of getting a boy after marriage, however, Kapil predicted she doesn’t have a marriage at all. To solve this, Kapil gives hilarious suggestions to solve that. Next, they pulled on the cliched topic of an alcoholic husband. The wife brings her alcoholic husband to baba Kapil where in a hilarious turn of events, he attempts at lifting his alcoholism. Then all the characters assemble on stage together and conclude the baba skit.

Then, Kapil welcomed the night’s chief guests, Ayushmann Khurrana, Kriti Sanon, and Rajkummar Rao, who came for the promotions of their upcoming film, Bareilly Ki Barfi. Kapil questioned the barfi in the film, to which Kriti responded saying it is a multi-flavoured barfi. Kriti, who is figuratively supposed to be the Barfi, is dubbed as a Kaju Katli instead by Kapil. Kriti mentions how this is her fourth time on the show with her fourth release. Kapil flirted with Kriti, as they discussed the idea of marrying someone without looking at their beauty, being the premise of their upcoming film.

Kapil then initiated a crowd interaction on the above matter, which turned out to be a riot due to Kapil’s spontaneity in humour. Kiku Sharda again entered in his firangi avatar to interact with the three stars. The actors kept reciting the release date of Bareilly Ki Barfi, which is August 18th. Till now Rajkummar Rao had hardly strung together a sentence. Meanwhile, Kiku Sharda kept entertaining the crowd single-handedly. Kiku, then actually took out a ring and proposed Kriti with it. The episode ended on this note, to be continued tomorrow!