The 15 January episode of The Kapil Sharma Show set the atmosphere with the Dangal’s Dhakad sound track. Kapil started the show talking about the power of girls and welcomed his guests Geeta and Babita Phogat. Siddhu said that the two sisters were the live examples of women empowerment and welcomed them in his signature style with some beautiful lines. Kapil asked the girls the total number of medals they have won and they told that the total international medals won by all the sisters were around 40 medals.

Their mother, younger sisters Sangeeta Phogat and Ritu Phogta and cousin brothers were also invited. Kapil asked the girls if the Gold medal was actually made of Gold and the sisters told him that initially even they did not know nor did their father so they asked about it and got to know that it is not actually made of gold. Siddhu said that though not of Gold but the value of those medals was far more than any treasure in the world and the Phogat sisters agreed in unison.Kapil then asked the sisters if they get up at 5 am and he was surprised to know that they actually get up at 3:30 am for practice. Hearing this Kapil joked that they get up and wake the hen so that it can wake the other people in the neighbourhood. He asked Geeta and Babita if almonds are actually healthy and how much they eat every morning and he again surprised to know that each girl eats 150 pieces of almonds every day.

Kapil asked Geeta and Babita’s mother what does she eat in a family of wrestlers and Geeta said she had started eating chicken after seeing the movie Dangal.

Kapil asked Geeta and Babita about the toughest fight in their life which they won. Geeta said her toughest fight was in the commonwealth games, the semi-final bought against the Nigerian contestant. Babita also shared that her toughest fight was in the commonwealth games because she had hurt her leg before the fight and the doctor had said she should not fight. But she did not want to go home without trying and she went ahead with the fight ignoring her hurt leg.

Kapil invited Geeta and Babita Phogat’s father and mentor Mahavir Singh Phogat. He congratulated him for giving four bright girls to the nation. Siddhu said that his daughters were not only his family’s pride but also the nation’s pride.

Kapil joked saying that everyone says “Padhega India toh Badegha India” but Mahavir Phogat believed “Pitega India to Badegha India”.

Kapil asked Mahavir Singh Phogat if he actually cut his daughters’ hair as shown in the movie Dangal. He said it was necessary as mud gets into long hair and it is difficult to clean. He said the real beauty is not in long hair but in winning the Gold.

Kapil asked all the Phogat sisters to compete with each other in eating Golgappas. All sisters ate just two golgappas and Kapil appreciated their discipline.

Chandu and Pushpa Nani, dressed as Pushpa Nani’s brother, came up saying that they want to make Dangal 2. Kapil made fun of them and told them to do something else. Pushpa Nani’s brother came and said that he also does lot of hard work because becoming nani is a long process.

Kapil asked Geeta to teach Chandu a few steps wrestling steps and Chandu tried to avoid it by saying it is a comedy show and they should not fight.

Geeta and Babita told Kapil that they watch very few movies but 5 years back they never used to watch any movie; they were allowed to watch TV once a year and that too only the 26 January parade.

Geeta said her favourite actor was Sunny Deol and Babita said she liked Salman Khan and Aamir Khan. Hearing this Kapil joked that his movie was releasing very soon and after watching it they would become his fans.

Kapil also revealed that even his father was a wrestler. He then joined the police. He told that at the time of his father’s marriage, someone insisted that he should fight before marrying and his father defeated him in one go.

Kapil asked Geeta and Babita to say a dialogue of the movie Dangal and they said it beautifully in Haryanvi language.

Some fans wanted to fight with the Phogat sisters and the youngest Phogat sister came up and fought will all of them. Kapil jested saying that he did not try fighting with the sisters and even the fans should not have tried to fight.

Another fan asked them to dance to which Geeta and Babita said they did not know how to dance and when their father is around they forget everything completely! The two younger sisters Sangeeta and Ritu danced with the fans.

Two fans came to congratulate Mr. Mahavir Phogat for giving the nation such talented wrestlers.

Dr Mashoor Gulati came on stage and welcomed the Phogat family and danced with Mahavir Phogat and Babita Phogat.

Lottery came in to learn wrestling so that she can beat the boys who tease her. She said she will learn wrestling from that person who can defeat someone from the Phogat family. Dr. Gulati urged Kapil to fight but he backed out. Even Dr Gulati ran away. Lottery asked Geeta to teach her some self-defence tips and she taught everyone a few tips.

Sarla came up wanting to learn wrestling. Kapil made fun of her for wanting to learn wrestling but Dr. Gulati said his daughter has a lot of potential. He asked Sarla to fight with the Phogat sisters.

Next came Bumper and cracked a joke on Kapil that when Kapil will have kids and they ask him what their father does the kids will say our father only talks.

Dr Gulati asked his daughter to fight with Bumper but she convinced Bumper to fight with her father. In a comical fight that followed, Bumper tore Dr. Gulati’s clothes and took off his wig. The changed Dr. Gulati was so surprising that Sarla declared he was not his father.

Nani walked in head over heels in love with Mahavir Phogat and calling him Aamir ji. When she got no response from Mahavir she said he was a silent lover. She danced for Mahavir Phogat and the entire audience were in splits.

At the end of the show Kapil called the entire Phogat family on stage and congratulated them for their achievements.

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