The wolf of wall street

This is exactly the type of film that can be watched over and over again with the main character, (Leonardo DiCaprio) who is filthy rich and has the greed to get more and more. The initial lines about 49 million dollars will just put a smile on your face and give you a fair idea about how greedy and how rich this guy really is.

Fast cars, women in skimpy clothes, criminal activities, car chases, pool side parties, lots of booze, weird dancing and a ton or more stuff just makes this a must watch. The trailer makes it look like it should have been the sequel to Micheal Douglas’ 1987 Wall Street film, the Shia LaBeouf was just crap.

The film has a very 90s feel to the whole environment especially with the cars that were the rage among the elite of the time like Ferrari Testarossas and Lamborghini Countachs.

Playing paper toss C-notes and throwing midgets as darts (that was weird) and speaking of weird, Matthew McConaughey is one step short of a being declared a psycho but that works to show the amount of odd people that you can find at Wall Street. Jonah Hill just keeps on surprising us with his versatile performances. Hang on, this one is going to pull in some Academy Awards.


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