Remember when before the digital age kicked in, paperback magazines were our major source of all the Bollywood gossip? And they also happen to be the source of where ‘click-baits’ originate from. Now you must be wondering how that is possible, given their, well, unclickable nature. Well from an assortment of colourful magazine covers on the shelf, which were available at a price of Rs 15 back then, one had to do something more than an attractive colour to stand out right?

Actresses of the past who were known for their graceful fashion and seldom recalled for a show of skin, of the likes of Rekha, Kajol, even Kangana Ranaut to some extent, were indeed a part of some of photoshoots that suggest otherwise. And when the covers are this scandalous, how can you not pick them up? Looking back at some of the most scandalous covers of old, here are 7 of them:

When Rekha posed nude for Film Mirror (1978)

Rekha shocked and awed readers when she posed nude for the cover of Film Mirror in January of 1978.

When Mamta Kulkarni posed topless for Stardust… and got arrested and fined later (1993)

Mamta was dragged into controversy when she made the bold decision to pose topless on the cover. She was actually arrested, charged and fined ₹15,000 about seven years later.

When Pooja Bhatt wore nothing but body paint for Stardust (1993)

Inspired by Demi Moore's Vanity Fair cover, Pooja Bhatt donned nothing but body paint for her cover shoot.

… Then kissed her father on the cover of Stardust the next year (1994)

The next year, Pooja Bhatt was the centre of yet another scandal. She was featured on the cover of Stardust in a lip-lock with her father. Things got worse when Mahesh said, "If Pooja wasn't my daughter; I'd love to marry her."

When Rekha and Kajol shared a sweater for Cine Blitz… topless (1996)

Rekha and Kajol blew a few minds when they posed apparently topless and in the same sweater.

When Kangana Ranaut vouched for ‘Naked Truths’ on a Stardust cover (2007)

Kangana posed covered in bubbles for an issue titled ~naked truths~.

When Mallika Sherawat wore a necklace (only) for FHM (2011)

After the release of her Hollywood film, Hisss, Mallika wore nothing but a necklace to cover her torso.

So? Shocked? Almost certainly, especially if you are of the new generation. With the PR world of today holding tight the reins, the world of showbiz has changed much since the past, however, this certainly changes the perception of what we had about the more “decently” dressed actors, and the scandalous ones. So if you thought lesser clothes is the story of today, well, think again. One sure misses the “simpler” times, doesn’t one?