Telly actress Mahhi Vij, popular for her role as Nakusha in Nakusha in Laagi Tujhse Lagan, became a victim of the much unforeseen incident off late. The actress got the shock of her life when she was groped by a stranger at a nightclub. Mahhi was accompanied by her husband Jay Bhanusali at the time when this incident took place. But the telly actress instead of succumbing to the molester decided to fight back.

According to India Forum’s report, Mahhi Vij visited this night club with her husband when she had an encounter with this pervert. She was on her way back from the ladies room when this unidentified man groped her from behind. Without losing her mind and escaping the attack, Mahhi decided to teach him a nice lesson. She turned around and planted a tight slap on this man’s face. She was also planning to make this experience a lifelong lesson for the molester and decided to get her husband involved in the case. (ALSO READ: Balika Vadhu: Ruslaan Mumtaz to romance Mahhi Vij on the popular TV show)

She rushed to Jay immediately and wanted him to confront the molester. But before Jay could reach her, the man escaped. His identity remained a secret and this is the reason why Mahhi couldn’t file and FIR with the police as well. But Mahhi’s presence of mind was commendable and we are glad that she didn’t remain silent about the incident. (ALSO READ: Not Mahhi Vij, Shiny Doshi to play the lead in Jamai Raja)

Mahhi has put forward a lesson in front of every woman. She has proved that how an alert mind can keep you safe from these perpetrators. (ALSO READ: Finally! Actor Jay Bhanushali and Saumya Tandon reunite after five years as hosts)