There are so many of them who are struggling to get that ticket to Bollywood. To enter that space it is usually said one to needs to have someone who has a strong hold in the industry – sort of a Godfather. But all of them are really not that lucky to have a taste of that glamorous showbiz industry. So people start to experiment by entering the modelling field, doing various sorts of ads, take part in reality shows or contests to get some visibility and so on. There are people who come all the way from small town to a city like Mumbai with high hopes to become a superstar. But all are not lucky like Akki who started his journey by working as chef and waiter. Akshay Kumar expressed his desire to become an actor but before that the journey wasn’t that easy as each of one you might be thinking seeing his success today.

Akshay Kumar has worked as a model, an assistant photographer and even as a background dancer. After lot of efforts he has reached to this stage. After entering Bollywood, Akshay Kumar has done almost all different genres of films. He has done action, romance, comedy and so on. People usually think it is easy for anybody to become an actor and to do comedy roles. But the Khiladi star has clearly said comedy is the most difficult genre for any actor to do. So how many of you young lads wish to become a successful hero like Akshay Kumar? We know many young boys are trying to look out for various sorts of tips and tricks to become a hero like Akshay Kumar. The video which Akshay shared, he says follow that trick if you wish to become a successful hero. Watch the video below: (ALSO READ: Akshay Kumar birthday: Will 2017 be a blockbuster year for Akki with Jolly LLB 2, 2.0 & Crack?)

Yeah guys! It is just a commercial of a hair colouring product and not the real trick to become a hero. Akshay Kumar has actually been roped in as the brand ambassador for this hair colouring product called Streax Insta. In this funny commercial, Akki tells how one can look like a hero within minutes. In this video clip, the guy who is having grey hair wishes to do the role of a hero but due to his grey hair he is on the verge of losing that opportunity and that’s when Akshay unveils the hair colour product. (ALSO READ: Akshay Kumar and Shah Rukh Khan are placed right alongside Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp in the Forbes list of World’s 10 highest paid actors)

On the work front, Akshay Kumar is having a hectic schedule with films like ‘Jolly LLB 2’, ‘2.0’ and ‘Crack’ in his kitty. His last film ‘Rustom’ broke many records at the box office. For more Bollywood updates, keep watching this space.