Tubelight! Why wouldn’t anyone be excited about watching the Eid release of the year? An interesting and lesser explored subject; the coming together of a hit director-actor jodi (Kabir Khan – Salman Khan); the bromance of real life brothers Salman and Sohail on the screen; the mother of all cameos that brings Salman and Shah Rukh Khan together in the same frame on the big screen after almost a decade; and the cuteness overload that Matin Rey Tangu is!

Tubelight has been one of the much hyped and most awaited films of 2017 and not without reason. The film trailers, the cast and director’s interviews promised to deliver a high on drama story that is all about love and hope. We were promised a Salman Khan that we haven’t ever seen before. Did Tubelight stay true to all those claims? Find out in my review…

What’s it about?

The film tells the story of two brothers Laxman Singh Bisht (Salman) and Bharat Singh Bisht (Sohail) and how their life changes when India goes to war with China. While Laxman is slow in understanding situations and has a unique way of reacting to different circumstances, his younger brother Bharat is like a rock of Gibraltar in his life. They have been together and thick ever since their parents passed away and share an endearing bond. However, a recruitment drive by the Indian Army when it goes to war with China, separates the two brothers. Bharat has to join the army while Laxman is left bereaving, hoping each day for his ‘Bandhu’ to return. While Bharat is at the war front, Laxman isn’t alone! He has an old, wise uncle (Om Puri) who helps him see things in the right, positive perspective. He also meets Zhu Zhu and Matin, who are undergoing the same pain as him. He initially hates them, since they are Chinese, who are the reason why his brother is not with him.

But their similar emotions towards the Indo-Sino war makes them bond. Some advise from Om Puri also helps Laxman get rid of this hate.

The film’s tag line – ‘Kya Tumhe Yakeen Hai’ – is much more than just that! It is an emotion that Laxman lives by throughout. It is his faith that makes him tide through the tough times and survive despite the absence of his brother he had been dependent on! Magician Go Go Pasha (Shah Rukh Khan) gives Laxman the much needed confidence boost to believe that everything will be alright! Does Laxman’s faith triumph? Does the ‘yakeen’ stop the war and bring Bharat back? That’s what Tubelight is all about!

What’s hot?

Salman Khan delivers one of his best performances till date as the gullible, vulnerable Laxman Singh Bisht. He is so convincing in the emotional scenes that you will feel his pain and if not moved enough to cry, you’d certainly be left with a lump in your throat. He has clearly outdone himself when it comes to portraying someone who is going through an emotional turmoil. He is nothing like his earlier films and while some of his fans might be disappointed, some non-fans might just get converted. ALSO READTubelight quick movie review: If you are not a Salman Khan fan, this film will convert you into one!

His bromance with Bharat (Sohail) is so beautiful that its hard to imagine anyone play the two brothers in the film.

Salman and Matin’s chemistry is so cute that you don’t tire with their banter and in fact end up wanting to see more of them as the film reaches the climax. Zhu Zhu is decent in her part and Om Puri as the wise, elderly guiding figure is impeccable.

Salman and Shah Rukh Khan share the frame for a few minutes in the film and are great together, but the scene in itself is not much to write home about.

The casting is on point and the locales of Manali, typical to Kabir Khan films, are very well picturised to give you instant wanderlust.

Tubelight is sure to take you on an emotional yet entertaining rollercoaster ride.

What’s not?

The film gets predictable at many crucial points, and even though there is a master twist in the second half, you know what to expect. Also, the director went a little OTT with the ‘Yakeen’ part. I won’t be surprised to find memes about the same once the film hits screens.

What to do?

Watch it if you are a Salman Khan fan. Watch it if you aren’t but want to see Salman Khan do some serious acting.

Verdict rating: 3.5 stars!