Tubelight is one of the most awaited films of 2017. The film, starring real brothers Salman Khan and Sohail Khan as reel brothers, finally hits screens tomorrow (June 23). The war-drama film, based on the Indo-Sino war 1962 is written and directed by Kabir Khan, who has earlier given hits like Ek Tha Tiger and Bajrangi Bhaijaan with Salman.

The film shows Salman playing a role that he has never played before. He plays an Indian man (Laxman Singh Bisht), who is slow in understanding and reacting to situations and totally dependent on his brother, Sohail (Bharat Singh Bisht). The film also has an important cameo from Shah Rukh Khan, which is pivotal to the plot. Chinese actress Zhu Zhu and child actor Matin Rey Tangu also play important characters in the film. film critic Smrity Sharma is watching Tubelight right and here are her first impressions.

Smrity says, “You will have a smile plastered on your face the first few minutes into Tubelight. The film opens in the breathtaking hills of Jagatpura, Kumaon on a fresh and happy note to give us a glimpse into Laxman’s (Salman Khan) life and why he is called Tubelight. We are taken to his childhood and how he has continued to be the gullible, vulnerable person as he grew up. This part is full of aww-ful moments. We also get to know about Bharat (Sohail Khan) and how he has taken on the responsible, care giver, role despite being younger to Laxman. The two brothers are endearing and you won’t be able to imagine anyone else playing these roles better than them. The song Naach Meri Jaan, the first in the film, further gives you a sneak peek into their bond and establishes the tone for what is coming and the gravity of the situation. Bharat is assigned to leave for the Indo-Sino border where India and China are at war. Salman is amazingly convincing in his emotional scenes when Sohail leaves, while the latter does a great job at playing the ‘stronger outside, breaking inside’ sibling.

It is soon time to say the final goodbye. While Laxman is left mourning the separation and struggling to come to terms with it, we see Bharat at the war front. The wise old, uncle Om Puri helps Laxman keep up the positive attitude and his ‘yakeen’ alive about the return of Bharat. A magician, Gogo Pasha (Shah Rukh Khan) comes to town and he yet again ignites the importance and power of faith in Laxman.

Laxman is going on with his life when he comes across Gugao (Matin) and his mother Liling (Zhu Zhu). He hates them initially since they are of Chinese origin, but turn friends soon. In his head, the innocent Laxman feels that Bharat will now be back soon, since he has now become friends with the Chinese. So why the war?

On the war frontier, Bharat gets injured and is returning home when his regiment is attacked. Most men are killed and the remaining are taken captive.

The first half of Tubelight is full of fun and happy moments and a few emotional scenes as well. Especially the one when the brothers separate and when they miss each other in their respective settings. As Tubelight plays on, we wait to know what fate Bharat will meet at the Indo-China border and how will Laxman go on with life after the knowledge that Bharat isn’t returning anytime soon.”

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