After Madhurima Tuli, actor Vishal Aditya Singh spoke about their elimination from Nach Baliye 9. The duo was evicted from the show after Madhurima threw her mic on stage and refused to perform with Vishal. This left judge Raveena Tandon fuming and the actors had to leave the show. Now, in his latest interview with a news daily, the Chandrakanta actor said he was ‘real’ on the show and didn’t do anything to provide ‘content’.

Mentioning how he was made to look like the bad guy on the show, Vishal said everyone should understand that a relationship works with the efforts of both the partners and if it fails, both of them should be held responsible equally. He told Times of India, “In any relationship, the guy should not be blamed for it going wrong, the woman is to be equally blamed. Had I thrown the mic and said I don’t want to do the show, people would have abused me and said so many things. We are different individuals and like anyone else we fought but we also danced even though we are not professional dancers.”

He went on to add that the fights and arguments he had with Madhurima during their journey on Nach Baliye 9 were ‘not’ staged. The actor added that people misunderstood and felt they were giving ‘content’ to the show but they were just being real with their equation. “A lot of people said we were giving content to the show with our fights, I would like to say atleast we are real and showed what we are to the world. And for the last time, I would like to say that the fights were not staged,” he explained.

Vishal further said he was just happy to be performing among people who are popular and loved by the audience. Earlier, Madhurima talked about their elimination and blamed Vishal for her behaviour that led to their ouster from the show.