There are many reasons behind Sony TV’s Kaun Banega Crorepati becoming one of the most loved television shows in India. Major credit goes to the show’s host, megastar Amitabh Bachchan, for making the contestants feel like the show belongs to them and he’s there to help them in whichever way possible. The actor’s association with KBC is 20 years old and it was his appearance on the show that helped him connect to his audience once again after a great low in the acting career. Now, Bachchan also uses the platform to build a closer relationship with his audience. He keeps sharing little anecdotes from his life and stories of his struggle in life to inspire them.

In the premiere episode of KBC 11 on Monday, Amitabh Bachchan shared another incident from his life that simply shows how life gives everyone his share of struggle and success. Two contestants got to sit on the hot seat in the last night’s episode. While Anil Rameshbhai Jeevani left early after winning an amount of Rs 10000, Chitralekha kept playing till the end of the episode. While interacting with the woman, AB talked about his life before entering the film industry. When a question about Kolkata appeared on the computer screen, the actor shared his experience of working in the city. Bachchan, for the first time, revealed that he worked for Rs 500 as a managing executive in Kolkata and lived there for seven-eight years before realising that he was cut to be an actor.

Chitralekha couldn’t believe this. “Aap isshe pehle kaam bhi karte the?“, she asked Big B. The actor asserted that he worked for around eight years in Kolkata and there was nothing shocking about that.

Meanwhile, Big B took to his blog the other day and wrote about his time on KBC. He said, “It is 2019 and it all began in 2009. 10 years and a gap of about two years when it did not happen for me. But 17 years is a lifetime and a lifetime that was given a lifeline by you.”