Sreesanth could not win Bigg Boss 12 but he’s thankful the show changed him for better. The former Indian cricketer has however mentioned in his latest interview that he knew he was not the one winning the show. Sreesanth talked to Times of India and said he was sure until the last second week inside the house that he might win Bigg Boss 12. But, something that happened later made him realise makers had something else in the mind.

Sreesanth has revealed that he got to know he will be taken to the finale of the show but someone else will be declared as the winner. He said, “I was very sure I was winning till the 13th week. In the 14th week during a task, I was chosen as the performer of the week. But I don’t think the creative team and the makers like it. Despite being chosen as the star performer of the week, I was not made the captain, I was clear then that they will take me to the finale but someone else will be made the winner”.

He added that he has done a lot of reality TV shows to know the entire process. Sreesanth gave an example of another show in which he was one of the finalists but his fellow participant, cricketer Harbhajan Singh won at the end. Sreesanth explained, “I can say this because I have done a lot of reality shows. During ‘Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena’, Bhaji paaji (Harbhajan Singh) was made the winner and I was the runner-up, without any mistake. I was not scared or ashamed of losing at that time as that time. But this time people voted for me and showered me with love. Many close friends have been telling me that I should ask the makers to show me the number of votes I have got, but I belong to the cricket field and believe the umpire’s decision is the final. If Sachin Tendulkar respects it, then who am I? The love and respect I have got after Bigg Boss is amazing, I don’t think as an individual, I got this even after winning two World Cups”. Your thought?