Bigg Boss 12 contestant Surbhi Rana has reacted on the acid attack threats that Dipika Kakar received on social media. Despite having a bitter relationship with the actress, Surbhi has come out in support of Dipika. She has talked to an entertainment portal and stated that the people issuing such threats should be tracked down and slapped hard. Surbhi has added that it doesn’t matter which contestant are you supporting or what kind of bond you have with somebody, something as serious as an acid attack should be condemned.

Surbhi talked to Spotboye and said, “We all may have had our favourites, but we must learn to respect the final vote count. It’s a game, and the winner is selected by the highest number of votes. There should be no confusion and no outrage. This guy, whoever he is, is insane. The police should take immediate action and track him down wherever he is placed. He should be slapped really hard”.

Dipika’s fan club on Twitter tagged Mumbai Police, asking them to take notice of a comment in which a Sreesanth’s fan threatened to attack the actress. Here’s the tweet:

Dipika Kakar won Bigg Boss 12 making Sreesanth the first runner-up. These upset fans slammed Dipika and the show’s makers for allegedly conspiring Sree’s defeat. Sreesanth, however, maintained that he was happy to see his sister winning the show and there were no qualms whatsoever. He, in an interview though, said he knew he was not going to win Bigg Boss. He told Times of India, “I was very sure I was winning till the 13th week. In the 14th week during a task, I was chosen as the performer of the week. But I don’t think the creative team and the makers like it. Despite being chosen as the star performer of the week, I was not made the captain, I was clear then that they will take me to the finale but someone else will be made the winner”.