S Sreesanth was the man of the game on day 2 of Bigg Boss 12. When he made an entry into the house two days back, the former cricketer appeared quite calm and the one who will stay away from creating unnecessary feud inside the house. But hey, we are talking about Bigg Boss here!

Sreesanth made sure the cameras focused entirely on him on day 2. He invited the argument and took an active part in it. The man even let the house suffer by not performing the task properly. As a result, Bigg Boss quashed the first luxury budget task, which means the housemates aren’t getting their luxury budget this week.

What happened:
S Sreesanth was very upset with the prank that the two sisters — Saba Khan and Somi Khan, played in the house. Rest of the housemates too, appeared quite annoyed with the prank, but Sreesanth just didn’t let the conversation about it die. Later, when the alarm rang, he ran towards the chamber to press the buzzer and challenged Shivashish Mishra and Sourabh Patel for the press conference task. However, call it his strategy or a foolish decision, he refused to ask anything to the jodi he had challenged for the task. When questioned by the contestants and the moderators — Shilpa Shinde and Karan Patel, he simply said that he didn’t have any interaction with Shivashish and Sourabh and therefore, he doesn’t have anything to ask to them let alone put a blame.

Of course, the entire house was shocked. Reasons: 1) When Sreesanth didn’t have anything to ask to them, why did he press the buzzer in first place and organised a press conference? 2) He was repeatedly told by both the Bigg Boss and his co-contestants that now that he has participated in the task, he shall perform for it will affect the entire house and they might lose whatever they have earned in the game so far. And yet Sreesanth chose not to perform the task. Why?

Not just that, when the man was being questioned by the housemates for his behaviour in the task, he got in a personal argument with Saba and quite inappropriately, asked about her ‘upbringing’. Everybody slammed him for the nasty comment and he apologised, only to stretch the matter. Sreesanth ended up losing his patience. He removed his mic and ran towards the entry gate, insisting on being allowed to come out of the house.

Too much for one day!

Photo Courtesy: Twitter/ @ColorsTV

Photo Courtesy: Twitter/ @ColorsTV

Why Sreesanth’s strategy seems foolish:
1. Sreesanth is one of the most popular contestants inside the house. He enjoys a good fan following and people on social media have been rooting for him. Is it justified to disappoint fans by creating a ruckus to leave the show?

2. Sreesanth has played cricket for so long. He is considered as one of the most mature contestants inside. Making abrupt decisions and letting the entire house suffer because of it, is nothing but plain stupidity.

3. Whoever one is, however popular he/ she is, everybody is equal inside the house. All the contestants have to follow the rules of the show. One of the rules is to not speak about one’s family, caste, religion, language, race and sexuality. So, when Sreesanth tells Saba that he has been brought up well than how her family brought her up, it does violate the strict Bigg Boss‘ rules.

Sreesanth. Photo Courtesy: Twitter/boss_updates

Photo Courtesy: Twitter/@boss_updates

It’s just been two days for the contestants inside the house and one is not expected to lose his cool so early on the show. Sreesanth’s resistance to perform the task, the devil-may-care stance and getting involved in mud-slinging, is not the strategy most Bigg Boss fans want him to use in the game.

Your thoughts?

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