Live Updates

Bigg Boss 12 Day 3 Live Updates: Sreesanth finally ended the drama about leaving Bigg Boss midway. But, he makes sure the cameras remain focused on him. He had a huge argument with Shivashish Mishra, to an extent that he abused the commoner contestant.

Kriti and Urvashi broke down inside the house. While Kriti seemed disappointed with the nominations, Urvashi was worried about the classist behaviour the rest of the contestants flaunted in front of her. Both Dipika and Nirmal tried to console the girl.

Shrishty Rode and Dipika Kakar are the celebrity contestants who got nominated for eviction in the first week of the show.

Highlights from Day 2: 

Sreesanth has threatened to leave the show midway. While the contestants are busy making him understand it’s not a right decision, let’s see what he has to do now. The former cricketer had a huge fight with Saba Khan and Somi Khan because he questioned Somi’s ‘upbringing’. Now, it will be interesting to see if the contestants are really able to change Sreesanth’s decision on the show.

On the other hand, the first luxury budget task has been nullified by Bigg Boss. The housemates have their opinion on Sreesanth’s decision of not taking care of the hardwork the rest of the participants already put in the task.

Do you think Sreesanth will calm down and take back what he has said? Watch out in today’s episode.