The housemates wake up to the tunes of ‘Bambai se aya mera dost’. Contestants wish each other Merry Christmas. Bigg Boss sends out a letter and Karanveer reads it. A new task is given. Bigg Boss house has been converted into BB12 hotel, the celebrities will arrive one by one and give tasks to the contestants who will be turned into a guest, one person at a time. The first guest is Sreesanth.

Hina Khan enters the house and gets a warm welcome. She asks Dipika to bring tea for her. She asks Romil to clean the jail. Since Sreesanth is also a guest, he asks Surbhi to clean the carpet. Hina asks Deepak to go shirtless in the pool and sing for her. She keeps teasing him over his statements against her. Deepak tells her that his sisters are big fans of the actress. Sreesanth and Hina ask Deepak to do squats. Due to his injury, he fails to comply and Hina gives him another task. She then asks Dipika to curl Karanveer’s hair. She also asks Surbhi to shave Deepak’s beard from one side.

Hina checks the jail and tells Romil he has done a good job. Deepak gets himself shaved from one side. She then asks him to give him a foot massage. Sreesanth asks Surbhi to get him a mattress. She struggles as Dipika refuses to hand over her mattress to her in the task. Hina also pitches in but Dipika remains adamant.

Romil offers his mattress and folds it to fit on Sreesanth’s bed. Hina appreciates his efforts and gives a star to him. The two then make a special video asking for votes. Hina goes out of the house. Surbhi and Dipika discuss how the latter wanted the former to quit the task by not giving her the mattress. Bigg Boss announces Karanveer as the next guest of the house. Juhi Parmar enters the house as Sumati Khanna and receives a warm welcome.

She orders Romil to make coffee for him but the coffee is with KV and he refuses to give it. She asks Sreesanth to transform Deepak’s look. Romil is given a punishment, he has to mention three points explaining why Surbhi can win the show. Juhi then asks Surbhi to hug everyone, asking for an apology. Then, Deepak is asked to sing in English. Sreesanth gets the star from Sumati. He gets to record a special video with the actress.

Contestants in Bigg Boss 12 house (Photo Courtesy: Twitter/ @ColorsTV)

Contestants in Bigg Boss 12 house (Photo Courtesy: Twitter/ @ColorsTV)


Bigg Boss announces Deepak as the next guest. Ranveer Singh Waghela of Colors enters the house. He asks the contestants to prepare tea for him. Deepak asks Surbhi to request Sreesanth for his family mug so that she can have tea in that mug. Sreesanth refuses to give it. Deepak asks everyone to wax Romil. Surbhi gets emotional. A heated argument takes place between her and Sreesanth. Meanwhile, Romil suffers from the pain of waxing.

Dipika tells Surbhi that she hasn’t made any connection in the house and this is the time she’s paying for it. Ranveer is asked to give the star and he offers it to Romil. The two record a voting-special video. The pre-cap of the next episode shows Sreesanth having an argument with guest Gauahar Khan. Watch out this space for all the latest updates on Bigg Boss 12!