In the ongoing Bigg Boss 12 finale, the top three finalists – Sreesanth, Dipika Kakkar and Deepak Thakur were given the choice to either pick Rs 20 lakh and quit the show right away or continue with the race to the winner’s trophy with a chance of losing the money. While not many contestants in the past have ever agreed to take the last-minute offered money, finalist Deepak Thakur made an exception by taking the money and deciding to quit the show, a decision that is breaking Twitter in a flood of reactions by fans.

As the contest wound tighter and tougher, Deepak is being lauded by fans as his decision is being called a sensible one. While one fan called his move a smart one, another fan tweeted, “Lol if winner among #Dipika and #Sree gets the exact money amount of 25 lakhs as #DeepakThakur then #DeepakThakur is the actual winner who was smartest to leave with prize money of same amnt. #BiggBoss12 #BB12 #BiggBoss12Finale” (sic). Yet another fan tweeted his support to Deepak’s decision by writing, “#DeepakThakur proved to be the smartest player in the game! Walked away with 25 lakhs!! 👏🏻 He was smart enough to know he was unlikely to win against #Sreesanth & #Dipika! 25 lakhs isn’t a small amount. There are some BB winners who won a lesser amount! #Biggboss12” (sic).

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Meanwhile, Sreesanth and Deepika are sweating it out on the run to the winner’s trophy. Their brother-sister bond throughout these 15 weeks will be sealed through a dance performance inside the house by the two before they are called out to join host Salman Khan on the stage before the audience. The anticipation for the final winner is raising mercury this winter night with just half an hour left for the main announcement. Watch out this space for all live updates on Bigg Boss 12!