Seems like the ardent Bigg Boss fans finally have something new to talk about apart from the rumoured contestants’ list. Pictures and a video from inside Bigg Boss 12 house are surfacing on the internet. In these few stills and a clip, one can see the stunning interiors of the house this year. As shown in the pictures, the colour theme this year seems pink and purple with the hint of blue in its different shades being used for walls and furniture. Further, it appears that the design of the house is based on a ‘beach theme’.

The house is designed by Umang Kumar every year, who’s also a known filmmaker in the Hindi film industry. The work on the sets begins every year as soon as the latest season is over. It reportedly takes over four months to erect the set in Lonavala, away from the hustle-bustle of the city.

Check out these pictures from Bigg Boss 12 house here:


Here’s the video from inside the Bigg Boss 12 house:

The lavish abode of Bigg Boss is just not a pretty space. It’s designed carefully considering in mind the tasks planned for the contestants. In fact, it also plays an important role in various arguments and fights that happen inside the house. The regular viewers of the show would know how the entire house is divided into different sections which are often categorised as the garden area, the kitchen area, the pool area and the like.

A special area is designed every year to add a little quirk to the game. A secret room, a prison, a king/ queen room or a hidden cabin – one can find any surprise corner in the house. It will be interesting to see what’s the Bigg Boss 12 house has in store for us.

This sneak peek looks impressive though. Watch out for the premiere episode on September 16 to have a real tour of the house.