Bigg Boss 13 contestant Madhurima Tuli has been evicted from the Salman Khan hosted reality show for her violent behaviour in the house. In the last weekend ka vaar episode, Salman lashed out at Madhurima and Vishal for increasing violence in the house and eventually asked Madhurima to leave.

Earlier this week, Madhurima got upset with Vishal’s behaviour and started teasing him by calling him ‘behenji’. Vishal asked Madhurima to stop calling him that but she did not stop. Then, he threw water on her and she did the same. Later, Madhurima lost her cool and hits Vishal with a frying pan multiple times until and unless the pan breaks down. They even run behind each other and constantly keep poking. However, the inmates come in the middle of their fight to stop them from exchanging the ugly war of words.

After her eviction, she opened up on the incident with ABP News in an interview and said, “He threw the water at me, he instigated me, I did not. But definitely, yes, I hit him with a slipper. But when it came to hitting him with a slipper – – he made a big deal out of the thing.”

She further said, “What happened was, if he used to make any joke that would be okay, I would laugh it off. But if I was making fun of him, he was not able to tolerate it and then he would use foul language. So I kept tolerating him and telling him to keep quiet… then I told him that I would hit him with a slipper and he said okay try and hit me. So I hit him.”

Talking about Vishal making a ruckus out of a small issue, she said, “But when this thing happened he made a mountain out of a molehill and asked Bigg Boss to call him into the confession room. He said that either he would stay inside the house or me. This proves he never wanted me to stay in the house. Even in the beginning, he said similar things… On one hand, he says that he loves me, and then does something like this, it is hurtful for me. All these things escalated to the pan (incident).”

Talking to Indian Express on the turn of events in the house, she said, “Of course, it’s a little disheartening but I am feeling fine now. I know I did a mistake but the situation was such that I couldn’t control myself.”

When asked if it was unfair on the makers to just evict her and not Vishal, she said, “Maybe yes, he should have been punished too because he instigated me a lot. It all happened because of that. However, I was more at fault because I hit him. There are times when you lose control over things and raise your hands. Even earlier people have pushed and hurt each other but it was usually in a task and not intentional. So I have no complaints from the makers.”

Talking about cute banter between her and Siddharth Shukla, “It was awesome and everyone was really nice. Yes, I did have my issues and fights but it was mostly momentarily. Sid especially was really sweet. He tried to make everything positive. Even during fights, he would try to make the situation light.”

Talking about Rashami Desai taking Vishal’s side, “I have known her for some time and so I really felt let down by her actions. I think that also triggered me somewhere. Rashami, Vishal, Asim and I used to be part of the same group. But because of the issues between Vishal and me, Rashami chose him over me. I was even thinking that when Arhaan Khan was in the house, she did not let anyone come between their togetherness. So how come she chose to prove me wrong in our fight? She had no job in interfering in our matters.”