Tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 opens to host Salman Khan pitifully taking the audience through the heated fight continuing from Friday’s episode where Siddharth Shukla is seen in the middle of a heated argument with Vishal Aditya Singh. Sid calls Vishal a “chamcha” of Rashami and goes on to poke him saying that he broke up with Madhurima Tulli on his advice.

This irks Vishal who refuses to take it lightly and Sid pretends to be scared of him. Vishal urges him to not pee in his pants as they do not have a diaper. As Rashami Desai passes by, Sid suddenly targets her with his bad language which makes her shout that he is too scared of her to even complete his sentences. Asim Riaz pitches in saying that Sid should watch his language, a suggestion that suddenly gets heated into a verbal match between them when Shefali Zariwalla even puts forth that Asim used her to get close with Himanshi Khurrana.

Rashami is seen venting out her anger before Arhaan Khan and says that Sid keeps calling her “Aisi ladki” which is a direct assassination of her character. Arhaan is seen calming her down. In the garden area, Vishal and MAdhurima join the duo and ask Rashami to channelise her anger in a productive way.

Arhaan goes inside to threaten Sid to never anger drag their mothers into any heated conversations. Sid refuses to budge which further angers Arhaan who then threatens to make Sid count his last days if that happens ever again.

However, in the midst of all the tension inside the house, actor Mallika Sherawat enters the house while grooving to her popular track ‘Bheege Hont Tere’ and gets candid with the contestants. Mallika will be seen sitting on Siddharth’s lap and romantically dancing with him. She even dances with Asim and kisses him, leaving the inmates in surprise. Mallika is all set to flaunt her hotness quotient and get cosy with the male contestants inside the house.

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