Tonight’s episode of Salman Khan-hosted Bigg Boss 13 opens to yet another fight over breakfast between Paras Chhabra and Arhaan Khan which makes captain Shehnaz Gill pitch in to sort out their matters. While reiterating the duties for housemates, Shehnaz cribs to Vishal Aditya Singh about no one wanting to clean the washrooms and ending up doing them herself.

Vishal suggests that as a captain, she should punish those who deny her orders or lack in completing their respective duties. On cue, Shehnaz tells Asim to clean the washrooms since everybody else is engaged in three different tasks individually. Asim refuses to do it citing an injured thumb which makes Arti Singh take a dig at him. She says that if he can lift heavy dumbbells, he can as well take up one task.

On Shehnaz’ repetitive urgings, Asim suddenly takes an unnecessary verbal plunge on Siddharth Shukla which makes him howl back. Asim asks Sid if he talks to his sister in the same manner. Sid replies that his sister is not like Asim. From there, the duo not only turns abusive but also drag each others fathers in their ugly verbal combat. In the middle of it all, the two come face to face with barely an inch gap between each other while the other housemates try to pull them away. Asim goes on to spit down and asks Sid to come and lick it. An already aggressive Sid turns more furious making Bigg Boss himself announce orders for them to go into separate rooms.

While Asim is told to stay in the living room, Sid is told to go in the bedroom area. Rashami takes Asim’s side when he says that the show makers will turn Sid into a victim in this fight. Rashami says that Sid pokes and deliberately looks for a fight. In the kitchen area, Paras asks Asim for packets of milk since he had them in the morning. Asim refuses to turn them up and yet again takes an unnecessary dig at Sid leading into another verbal match cut down by Bigg Boss himself. Asim retreats to the living room as instructed by Bigg Boss.

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