Bigg Boss 13 contestant Paras Chhabra and his girlfriend Akanksha Puri has been in the buzz for their constant statements regarding each other and their relationship. While Akanksha is leaving no stone unturned to root for Paras and doing everything possible for her outside the house, Paras, on the other hand, is only demeaning their relationship and has said that he wants to break-up with her as he is in love with Mahira Sharma.

However, Akanksha is frustrated with Paras’ closeness with Mahira Sharma and she needs answers from her boyfriend. In the last episode, Paras clearly mentioned that he wanted to break-up with her before entering the show but she does not want to leave him. He further says that she is moral support for him since the time he has moved to Mumbai. He also claims that he is in love with Mahira and will end his relationship with Akanksha and then is planning to move forward with Mahira. He further calls her a ‘broker’ for managing things between him and his stylist.

Salman also reveals that the food was sent to him by Akanksha and shoes, perfume, clothes, and other requirements are also being sent to him by her. He also says that Akanksha called him up and asked him to find out what is going on between Paras and Mahira.

Now, Akanksha Puri has shared post on social media that hints at their break-up. Sharing her monochrome picture, she wrote, “In the end, I want to be able to say, I gave it all I could, I gave it my best #timetofly #beingme #akankshapuri.” (sic)

However, Akanksha in an interview with Mumbai Mirror, revealed that they are supposed to get married this year. She said, “Maybe (marriage in 2020). Let’s see. I’m not sure. I’m just waiting for him to come out (of the Bigg Boss house). There are a lot of things that I need to clear. If I go inside the house and talk to him about these things, he is not going to give me an exact answer as he will still be in the game. So, I’m just waiting. Let’s see where it takes us. I’m prepared for everything. We had plans. That was the last conversation Paras and I had just before he entered his vanity (van). He was keen that we shouldn’t delay anymore and that it should happen soon (after the show is over). He was very happy. But I was somebody who said that you first come out then we’ll talk about it. I think this is his time. I want him to focus on his work as he has really waited for this for a long time. Right now, these things can wait.”

Earlier, Paras has claimed that he ended the relationship with Akanksha. To which, she said, “There are few things which he has done that have really upset me about. He has lied about a few things. I know it is a part of his game, but I didn’t like it. I take a lot of pride in myself and I am a very strong person, so if anybody is calling me weak or someone who keeps crying, I’ll not be able to take it.”