The makers of Bigg Boss 13 will soon roll out the family week where all contestants’ family members or partners will be making a visit to the house leaving them emotional. However, as per the latest reports by SpotboyE, Rashami Desai will not have anyone visiting her from her family during the Family week. Rashami’s mother, Rasila Ajay Desai has denied to enter the house. As per the grapevine, the reason behind her denial is their soured relationship since a few years.

Two years back, Rashami and her mother had a fallout over the Dil Se Dil Tak actor’s affair with Laksh Lalwani. Her mother asked her to break all ties with him or move out of their family apartment in Goregaon after the actor expressed her desire to get married to Laksh. As a result, for a few days, the Uttaran actor was almost homeless until she figured out a newly rented apartment in Lokhandwala. Since then, things have not been good between the mother and daughter.

Recently, Rashami’s mother Rasila expressed her concern over Siddharth Shukla and Mahira Sharma’s mother derogatory comments on her daughter. Speaking to Times of India, she said, “”I cried watching her on screen when she went through the emotional outburst after Sidharth’s Aisi Ladki comment and also after watching Mahira’s mother’s interview. I felt very bad that she (Mahira’s mother) is not even a part of the show, then why are you making such nasty comments? When Mahira was alone, Rashami supported her. They are inside, let them deal with it and handle themselves, but why should we stoop so low? I was really hurt. Sidharth was teasing Rashami continuously saying ‘Aisi ladki’. He continued this for an entire day and later also. He was making faces while saying ‘Aisi ladki’ and we all know what that word means and what context it is used in. Rashami did the right thing by speaking against that comment. He was targeting her character and she had to speak. If she hadn’t spoken, people might have felt Rashami is weak and anyone can comment on her character.”