Actor and host Salman Khan once again did the most ‘expected’. While hosting another episode of Bigg Boss 13, he tried to sort out the fight between Siddharth Shukla and Rashami Desai but ended up looking biased towards the former. He, for once, asked Siddharth what he meant by ‘aisi ladki’ comment that he made on Rashami. When Siddharth tried to justify the comment, Salman let him talk and then he moved to Rashami to make her understand Sid’s point of view.

It is not hard for Salman, Rashami, Siddharth, all the housemates and the audience watching the show to understand what the comment ‘aisi ladki’ combined with Sid’s gesture means. The term was used in a demeaning manner against Rashami and her reaction to the same was unimaginably loud. However, in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman, after telling Siddharth that everyone knows what the real meaning of his comment means, ended up agreeing with his justification and bought what Siddharth said.

Later, he once again resorted to victim shaming by telling Rashami that she doesn’t need to open the dirt-bag if she knows she’s going to be the one getting dirty at the end of everything. As per Salman, the only practise the housemates should follow to deal with Siddharth is to ignore him. Now, how easy or difficult it is to ignore the person and pretend as if he doesn’t exist in the house when you are constantly living with him 24×7, is beyond Salman. Is it that simple to tell a woman that ‘aapki izzat aapke haath mein’ when she has gathered the courage to speak for herself against a man who’s constantly showing a highly questionable and degrading behaviour towards her in everything that he does.

What do you think of Salman’s behaviour in tonight’s episode? Do you also think he behaved biased towards Siddharth again? Watch out this space for all the latest updates on Bigg Boss 13!

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