Bigg Boss 13 is all set to take over your TV screens from September 29. Before host Salman Khan introduces the new lavish house and the 14 contestants to be entering the big house this season, here’s a glimpse of the stunning BB13 abode or the Bigg Boss 13 Museum as it is expected to be called this season. As always, it’s a giant vibrant house that looks like an amalgamation of all the colours that exist in the world. A bright purple couch to accommodate as many as 14 members, pink beds, green walls and abstract art all over – Bigg Boss 13 house is decked with various fascinating pieces of artwork.

The set has been designed by Omung Kumar, who’s also a known filmmaker. This year, the sets have been shifted to a film studio in Mumbai as opposed to Lonavala. What is more striking is the huge BB-carving that stands on the main gate of the house. It is a beautiful go green-inspired figure that adorns the main gate of the big house. Further, there are only double beds in the house, which means all contestants except the captain are going to share the seven beds. There’s one bed in the house for three people. It would be interesting to see what Bigg Boss has in stores for the three contestants who are going to share that bed.

From L-R/ Dining Area, Entry Area, Kitchen Area, Living Area (Photo Courtesy: Bigg Boss 13 team/ Colors TV)

The Bigg Boss 13 Museum is a 18500 sq.ft luxurious home, adorned with several aesthetic elements, and 93 cameras for the contestants’ stay during the next 100+ days. Further, the living room walls have large size installations that take the shape of various hand gestures, like YO, Thumbs-up and Peace Out among others. Check out these pictures of the Bigg Bos 13 house:

Bathroom area/Corner in the living area – Bigg Boss 13 (Photo Courtesy: Bigg Boss 13 team/ Colors TV)


Bathroom Area/ Bigg Boss 13 (Photo Courtesy: Bigg Boss 13 team/ Colors TV)

The show’s theme this season is ‘tedha’ which means it’s filled with more surprises than you expected. The pictures have already increased the curiosity. There’s a strange set of white stairs that leads to a separate bed at a corner in the house while there’s another enclosed bed in the shape of a parachute. The prison area and the confession room are not yet revealed. Watch out for more revelations from Bigg Boss 13!