Days after she entered the Bigg Boss 13 house just as ‘Vishal Aditya Singh‘s girlfriend’, seems like Madhurima Tuli has finally arrived in the game. Ever since the Siddharth ShuklaRashami Desai‘s debacle in the house, Madhurima has been quite vocal in issues that do and don’t concern her. In two back-to-back episodes, she emerged as one of the most seen celebrities on camera speaking her mind on things that bothered her.

First, she questioned Shehnaaz Gill on her ‘women who smoke’ comment. Madhurima was smoking inside when Siddharth and Shehnaaz indulged in a conversation over the increasing divorce rates in the world. Shehnaaz said that women seek equality, smoke and have multiple partners and that lead to divorce. Madhurima immediately came out of the smoking zone and pulled Shehnaaz for her offensive statements. She told her that she is burning her lungs and that should not be causing harm to anyone else. Later, as the debate went on, Madhurima took a dig at Shehnaaz’ chemistry with both Siddharth and Paras Chhabra. She asked her if she was dating both the men in the house. Now, this offended the entire Sid-group and everyone came out in support of Shehnaaz telling Madhurima that Sid always treats Shehnaaz like a kid and the ma himself claimed that he and Shehnaaz are only good friends.

Interestingly, Vikas Gupta commented on Siddharth and Shehnaaz’ relationship in the same manner and said ‘I know so’ while talking to Shefali Jariwala earlier. He said he is sure Siddharth and Shehnaz are romantically involved. No hell broke loose then but when Madhurima said the same later, she was bashed left right centre for defaming Shehnaaz and demeaning friendship for her gain. Madhurima stood solid on her statement.

In the latest episode, the morning began with a fight between Madhurima, Shefali and Vikas. Madhurima asked Shefali if she used the toilet because it stank and she couldn’t use the smoking area because of the smell. Shefali said no and later came back to her to let her know that it was, in fact, ‘her boyfriend’ Vishal who used it, with immense emphasis on ‘your boyfriend Vishal.’ Madhurima sensed the tone and immediately countered her by telling her that she didn’t need to be so sarcastic. Vikas, at the moment, came in support of Shefali and told Madhurima that she should not be asking such questions to a woman in front of so many male members of the house. Madhurima reacted to this strongly and said her question was gender-neutral, it had nothing that went against the dignity of a woman.

Once again, during the Mangal Yaan task, she gave back to Vikas when he commented on her over giving up her captaincy easily. Madhurima told Vikas that there’s a difference when she herself willingly gives up for something and when she is forced to give up on the captaincy by him.

Well, the way Madhurima is countering everything coming onto her with great zeal and making sure her voice is heard in the house, she can suddenly be seen as an emerging force in the show. What do you think?

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